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    Hey all. While I was digging around in my drive, I found this document I made a few years back when I finally convinced my group to try a Demon: the Descent game. One problem they had, especially coming from oWoD and Demon: the Fallen, was wrapping their heads around what a Demon in CofD was, what characters could look like, and what this weird thing called a Cipher was. I decided to write up four quick sample characters, (and the bones of one full Cipher), representing each Incarnation and Agenda, (though not every combination). The game took place in Chicago, and I created a few major agencies to fill it out a bit, which feature in the write-ups. Anyway, I thought some people might find these interesting or helpful in their own game.

    What are some of your DtD characters?

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    Sifriyah (Rank 3)
    Bookstore Lares, a resource for Bans, Banes, and other esoteric information.

    Sifriyah is an Exile and a Lares - an angel bound to a building who has lost contact with the GodMachine. In this case he is the Lares of Dawn Walker Books, a used bookstore in a college town in the United States. The store itself is unpresupposing, with a simple front. However, it is located on a commercial block and the store extends back into the building quite some distance, as well as having narrow staircases to second and perhaps third floors. The store does not really have aisles - they are more akin to narrow passageways with bookcases running from floor to ceiling. There are no windows and the lack of reference points and the twisting layout can make the store hard to navigate.

    At the entrance to the store there is an area with comfortable chairs where readers can buy coffee and look through any books that interest them. . Oddly enough, hardly anyone actually buys books in the store. It has numerous devotees that support the store. They sometimes pay for used books, read them in the store, and then donate them back to the store.

    This is all due to Sifrayah, whose original mission given to him in 1810 was to collect certain written works and hold them for an unknown purpose. Since then, Sifrayah has had absolutely no guidance from the GodMachine. He is concerned that he misunderstood his original mission and he continues to collect books in hopes that he will find the books the GodMachine wished him to collect. He has an enormous collection of rare books, everything from incunabula to recent comic books. His passion is for the printed word, and he can be a bit obsessive about collecting and keeping books.

    Sifrayah has no materialized form. He typically creates a hallucination that acts as the owner of the store. In this form he is a short, thin, older man with white, thinning hair and round spectacles. His is neatly dressed in a frayed, white button down shirt and dress pants. If the need arises, he can create an animated form of a humanoid made entirely from books - curled up softcovers for limbs, and larger tomes for his torso. He can also cause print to appear in any book that anyone is reading within the store using the Sign numen.

    Sifrayah serves as an information broker. He can provide information on Banes and Bans with the suitable bribe in the form of rare or unusual books. On the other hand, he also talks with Angels, sharing information with them as well. Angels tolerate him first because he has access to information in written form that may not be in any GM accessible database, second because he can give them information on cryptid, demon and other supernatural activity, and third because they don’t want to face the GM if it shows up asking for a book that it expects Sifriyah to have in his collection. Sifrayah therefore plays it quite cagey as a neutral party. He may help a demon find out information about the Bane of an angel when offered an unusual mis-printed bible, or he may inform an angel about what questions a demon has been asking in return for a rare folio.

    Sifrayah is not courageous, but also does not respond well to threats. An angel who pressures him might find out that the local demon ring has learned his Ban and Bane, while a demon that threatens him might simply be crushed under several tons of books. There are rumors of demons kept for days wandering in the stacks because of their rudeness. There are also rumors of odd rooms hidden within the store, brilliantly lit rooms rooms with books made of sheets of gold, damp rooms with books made from woven shadow.

    Influences:Books - 3 (Control)
    Attributes: Power: 3, Finesse: 7, Resistance: 6
    Traits: Size: 55, Structure: 61, Initiative: 10, Willpower: 8
    Bane: Ashes from a book older than three hundred years, burned within the last week.
    Ban: Will not willingly damage a book.

    Hallucination: The entity may create an illusion experienced by a single target: it can be anything from a sight or sound to an imaginary person who holds a conversation. The Numen costs one Essence and is contested by the victim’s Wits + Composure + Supernatural Tolerance. Each success over the contesting roll alters one of the victim’s senses.
    Implant Mission (R) : This Numen grants a mortal a vision of a task the entity wishes him to accomplish as well as a magical determination to see it through. The entity pays 2 Essence and rolls Power + Finesse. On a success, the subject receives a short vision of whatever the entity wishes him to do and is under the Obsessed Condition regarding carrying that mission out.
    Innocuous: The entity is very good at being overlooked. Perception rolls to notice the entity are penalized by 2 dice. This Numen does not require a roll to activate and has no cost.
    Sign:The entity creates messages or images in any media they would be able to access to be used by a mortal — it can write in the condensation on cold glass, produce images on computer screens, and send audible messages via phone lines. The Numen costs one Essence to activate, and if successful creates a single message.
    Ex nihilo:The angel imbues life to an inanimate object — which can include corpses — for 2 Essence. The imbued object develops awareness of its surroundings but can’t move if it lacks limbs or locomotion. It can communicate telepathically with the angel if it is within the angel’s Rank in miles. For 5 Essence, the angel imbues a group of objects into a single being — biomechanical joints, wiring and piping materialize from nothingness to bind the creature together.
    No exit: The angel changes how passageways within a structure relate to one another. Rather than a door connecting two adjoining rooms, the angel could connect the doors of two distant rooms within the building. Linking portals of the same type (doors to doors, windows to windows) costs 1 Essence per connection, connecting portals of different types costs 2 Essence, and joining non-portals, such blocking a door by linking it to a brick wall, costs 3 Essence. Portals can’t be made to connect to themselves, but angels can make a room — or building — impossible to escape without tearing holes in the walls. Connections last the angel’s Power in turns, or an entire scene if used on Infrastructure.


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      In the chronicle I'm designing I need an antagonist who is weaker than an angel and without all the baggage that comes with taking on an angel. I hit upon having a demon as a mid-level opponent, but needed a reason for one to be aiding the GodMachine. Meet Lionel Ward.

      Lionel is an example of a standard trope in espionage fiction - the sniveling traitor who is led along by the nose by his agency handler. Some demons were dramatic loners who rebelled after centuries of service, proud and ancient intelligences. Lionel was minted only a few years ago by the GM. His Cover was Herbert Schwartz, a janitor in a school where he was supposed to guard a young woman. He quickly fell into the trap that had many times snared his betters - he fell in love with the woman he was guarding. Full of romantic pride he confessed his love but was not prepared for her amused and then horrified rejection. He abandoned his mission and to this day will not confess what happened to the young woman he was supposed to protect.

      A panicky Herbert/Lionel left a trail any angel could follow, and his was followed by a messenger angel who had a use for him. He arranged for Herbert to obtain a Cover as Lionel Ward, a small town sheriff. Lionel is a desperate Integrator, and his handler-angel assures him that if Lionel does what he's told, the angel will show the GM what an excellent asset Lionel is and how he should not be broken down for parts. Lionel's job is to keep some certain Infrastructure productive and concealed from humans. His position as a brutal sheriff allows him to bully locals and chase off or dispose of pesky outsiders.

      This is all a lie of course. Lionel obviously has flawed emotional programming since he fell so shortly after his creation. It is also clear from his tendency to bully humans who he views as weak, corrupt, and the source of all of his problems. The angel will have him wiped when this mission is over. But will the PC's be able to convince Lionel that this is the case? Will Lionel rebel against his handler if he finds out that he is only being used? Or can the PC's threaten to shop Lionel to even more dangerous angels who will burn him to ash before he can explain that none of it is his fault?

      Below is a format I banged out using Google Docs spreadsheet application. It does some calculations automatically making some aspects of design and play go a bit more smoothly.

      Name Description Abilities
      Lionel Ward Aspirations: Virtue: Eager to please Phys. Ment Soc.
      Keep "Handler" happy Vice: Resentment ("It's not my fault!") Str 3 Int 3 Pre 3
      Integrator Rejoin GM as a successful agent Merits: Status (Sherrif) 4, Tactics 2, Air of Dex 2 Wit 2 Man 1
      Guardian Bully humans Menace 2, Cultists 2 Sta 3 Res 2 Cmp 2
      primary 5 secon. 4 tertiary 3
      Primary Skills (Physical) Secondary Skills (Mental)
      Brawl 3 Investigation 3 Prim. 2 Def. 5 Health 8
      Firearms 3 Politics 2 Size 5 Init. 4 Will 4
      Stealth 2 Occult 2 Athl. 3 Spd 11 Aeth 10
      Weaponry 2 Brawl 4 Perc. 4 Cover 8
      Survival 1
      Skill Specialties: Tertiary Skills (Social)
      Revolver Intimidation 3
      Grappling Subterfuge 1
      Embeds Exploits:
      Data Removal Walls of Jericho (3 Aether)
      Turn Blade Strength + Intimidation + Primum
      Forms Covers:
      Mods: Armored Plates Lionel Ward, Sheriff 8
      Claws and fangs Herbert Schwartz, Janitor 3
      Tough as stone
      Technology: Acid Spit
      Propulsion: Plasma drive
      Process: Aegis
      ___________________ __________________________ ___ ___ ____________________________ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___