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  • Marcus Bentley?

    I decided to take advantage of the Cyber Monday sales to purchase Enemy Action. I find Marcus Allen Bentley to be a very interesting character, but I'm also somewhat confused as to what is going on with him. His write-up makes him sound almost more like a cryptid than a demon proper, or at least requiring some puzzling out.

    Here is my current exegesis of the Southside Ghoul:

    It seems that Marcus Allen Bentley was originally a Destroyer angel of animalistic intelligence. During the course of a mission, he Fell, though the way of this remains uncertain. He is far from a perfect demon: "Because of something that botched in the creation of the matrix that formed him," Bentley lacks perfect recall, which is screwing with his perception of the world, from an Unchained point of view. He also a taste for human flesh, because consuming it restores his mind for a short while. He seems to have an instinctive understanding of Pacts, though only uses them as verbal agreements to sanctify his cannibalistic hunts. Bentley's ultimate goal is to rid the world of the God-Machine entirely, including its Fallen servants.

    Is that correct? Am I missing anything? Any alternate interpretations? I feel like I could do something cool with such a strange and compelling character, but I want to make sure I'm getting everything there is to get about the dog-devil.

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    Pretty much. Marcus is is a feral monster who needs human flesh to retain his memories. You forgot that he jots everything down so he can catch up on what he's doing after he recovers from a lean period. He's also an eager ally of other Saboteurs.