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Suborned Infrastructure Gadgets in Lambdas

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  • Suborned Infrastructure Gadgets in Lambdas

    I made a post a couple weeks back in the Simple Questions, Simple Answers thread a couple weeks back regarding the use of precision engineered suborned Infrastructure gadgets in a lambda. As I am on mobile, here is a quote of that post.

    Originally posted by Taidragon View Post
    This is more a semantics question, but this is the last paragraph for the Suborned Infrastructure Gadgets;

    “Due to the connection to the God-Machine that the sub- orned Infrastructure confers to the hardware of the gadget, hacking into the subroutines used to create it is easier than normal. The player gains a +2 bonus to all rolls to investigate or reverse engineer the gadget. Lambda creation is also easier for the same reason, allowing a +2 bonus to all rolls to create a lambda using a gadget created with suborned Infrastructure. If the demon took the time to precise engineer the gadget, these rolls also benefit from the 8-again quality.”

    Does that mean that even when constructing a Lambda (as in adding all the other gadget bits into the new hardware) using a Precision Engineered Suborned Infrastructure gadget, you get 8-again on your rolls? It seems to suggest that, since the Precision Engineering aspect already grants 8-again when you disassemble a gadget, and that kind of repetition isn’t done much elsewhere (even in places where it’d be very helpful, such as Implanted gadgets).

    Related question;

    “When a demon uses any gadget made with suborned Infrastructure, it is always over-clocked (p. 157) unless it is a form or one-shot gadget.”

    Does that include a Lambda that has mundane hardware, but one of its component gadgets was made from Suborned Infrastructure. I feel that it negates the usefulness of using a Suborned Infrastructure gadget for this in the first place, but that’s just me.
    Sorry for the copy pasta, but I would like some input on this.