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Demon Abjuration on spiritual entitites

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  • Demon Abjuration on spiritual entitites

    How does Abjuration, Warnding and binding work in relation to Demons?
    The passage speak of a human soul, does that mean that only humans are capable of these tasks?

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    Yep, to a certain degree. Abjuration uses Integrity, which Demons don't have. Binding, though, is pretty much just creating a cage with an entity's Bane - Demons should still be able to manage that. Summoning, again, is just setting up favorable Conditions (which the Demon might be able to shortcut with the Summon Exploit).

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      I think @Griautis wanted to know how Abjuration, Warding and Binding work on the Unchained. Which is relatively simple: It doesn't.

      IIRC, at least.

      No Bans or Banes to exploit, so Warding and Binding don't have anything to work with. Unless you take some weird glitches.

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        The question seems to be whether demons can use them, not whether they're effective on demons (which, as you said, they're not).

        Here's my standard answers for when this question pops up:
        Summoning and Exorcism seems to be divorced from the nature of the ritualist, implying it's usable by all types of beings. You're simply messing with basic Manifestation Conditions through "mundane" means.
        Abjuration directly references Integrity as well as Vices and Virtues. The fluff states that it's the abjurer's soul that empowers the whole thing. As written it wouldn't really work for those without Integrity, but if you want the option open for supernatural entities you could come up with similar modifiers based on their Integrity equivalent and/or Anchors. If you allow demons to do it, I'd tie it to (human) Covers, substituting Integrity with the demon's Cover rating.
        Warding and Binding is described as a combination of Exorcism and Abjuration. I would personally apply them the same way as Abjuration when it comes to non-humans. But do remember that it's also possible to use an entity's Bane mundanely to create a barrier. You just have to make sure the barrier covers all entrances/exits that the entity could take, which often includes the walls and sometimes even straight up if the entity can fly. It might also not be that effective against spirits with the Gauntlet Breach Manifestation as they could just sidestep the barrier if they have access to their Resonance and are willing to spend a few Essence.
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          Thanks, Tessie. Yes, my question was if Demons can do Abjuration on other spirits, not whenever they're affected themselves. Quite an interesting edge to being a human, so I'll keep it around (or at least will determine case by case, were Demons don't get a human soul, so can't do it).

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