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Any hint for stealth characters?

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  • Any hint for stealth characters?

    Since Descent is basically an espionage game, I was thinking a sneaky character should be a good idea to play.

    Do you have any suggestion about how to make a Demon focused on stealth?

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    Mundane Embeds should help tremendously, as will developing high Cover ratings; besides the automatic gains from filling out the Cipher, raising Primum ought to be comparatively low on your list of priorities.

    Other than that, the standard Skill suite of Stealth, Subterfuge, and Larceny, as well as Finesse Attributes in general, will serve you well.

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      Agree with Satchel. There are four embeds that specifically use Stealth: Ambush (Instrumental, Wits), Alibi (Manipulation, Mundane - involves separating a Cover for a scene so you can sort of be in two places at once), Lost in the Crowd (Wits, Mundane; allows you to hide in the midst of a large enough crowd), and Never Here (Manipulation (-Resolve), Mundane; forces targets to forget the Demon's presence at an event). In addition, Interference is a good one to have, since it can help cover up after a Cover loss (it diffuses the demonic signature after a failed compromise; Manipulation+Subterfuge). There are some other useful Subterfuge ones, and Trust No One should be high on your list as well (it makes it so the target doesn't use Merits that represent connections or even reach out casually for at least a day. It's great to keep someone from reporting in to a boss right away, helping buy you time to get away if you do get spotted).

      Outside those, Tag and Release can be useful too. It runs off of Expression, but lets you mark a target and know where they are for a few days. Can be useful if you need to trail someone but don't want them to have the chance to find you - barring a Space Mage (who could sense the sensitivity) or similar effect, they likely won't realize that you can track them, allowing you to be elsewhere.

      In general, forgo taking a lot of Exploits. One or two may be useful if you need a cannon to hit something hard with, but they should be last resorts, for when things are already FUBAR. Four Minutes Ago also runs on Stealth, and works like the Shifting Sands spell (lets you rewind to an earlier time to try and avoid a mistake). Frozen in Time can also be helpful if a guard can't be stopped any other way. And a combination of Deep Cover (Embed; lets you Spoof as supernatural) and Show of Power (Exploit that counts Deep Cover as a possible lead-in, and lets you fire off a supernatural effect you've seen before) can be helpful if other supernaturals involved, or if you have a stealth or escape power you have seen (i.e. Teleportation, Portal, or Obfuscate stuff).


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        Both Satchel and EndlessKng have the sum of it!

        Honestly, Demons by default lend themselves to sneaky in one form or another so don't stress too much.

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          Just be yourself.


          Except don't.

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            Thank you guys!


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              A bit more to add from some reading I did today:

              As much as I said to avoid Exploits, probably avoid Exploited Gadgets harder. They are obviously off in some way and often lose their original functionality. Their primary advantages - limiting Compromise from using the Exploit, and saving the Aether to activate the effect - are less beneficial than the costs for this concept (you have to keep it up almost constantly with Aether; if it ever runs dry, bury it in cement because either breaking it or trying to refuel it will cause it to go ka-blewy).

              Embedded Gadgets are a possibility, but tricky. They can be useful if you do want to have a static effect or result, which can be helpful in planning a mission (no need to worry that the Knock-out punch will keep the guard down for TOO long if you hit too many successes but not long enough if you don't hit the minimum for your plan's requirements, thus preventing him from baiting the other soldiers into a trap when he sounds the alarm - with an Embeded glove, you can knock him out for exactly four minutes, giving you time to get into position). But, they also ARE static, which can limit usability. That said, go Embedded over Exploited any day of the week.

              Also, agenda-wise, don't go Saboteur if you want to use your condition to gain beats quickly (a bit cheese-monkey to say, I admit, but still relevant). Even if you are constantly sabotaging infrastructure, the point of them is to be loud about it. Which can be useful when they are loud over there and you are over here benefitting from their distraction... less so if they are being loud right where you are trying to hack a computer. Their Resolution effect COULD be useful if you use it to create a distraction for yourself, but most stealth types are better benefited by never being noticed at all. Similarly, the Integrator Condition Resolution can help stealth against angels, but the Beat condition involves exposing yourself to risk. The Tempter is the reverse - their Resolution is all about being noticeable (though, if you are more about infiltration than pure stealth, ignore my criticism and just take it), but their Beat condition is great for someone who wants to go unnoticed, as long as they have catspaws to delegate stuff to. Inquisitors are just geared for stealth ops, planning, and long games - probably the best bet for both a good beat generator and a useful resolution (but again, if you need to infiltrate in plain sight from time to time, consider Tempter. Better yet, get Dual Agendas for both, or for combining Inquisitor with anything else that is useful for your plans. But take Inquisitor regardless - it's the "quietest," and their resolution can be useful for finding ways out of situations without compromise or Compromise).

              As for Incarnations... this is probably much more a flavor choice than anything. You will need to pick one starting embed from that list, but it doesn't currently offer anything beyond that mandate (not even a cost break). Given the number of Mundane Embeds that are useful for stealthing, Psychopomp is a good option since it lets you take the one Mundane and free up your other choices, but if there's one that you know you are going to take and the Incarnation fits the story better, there's no harm in that. Just probably avoid Analyst...


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                Exploits are loud and costly, but they’re by no means something you should avoid taking. Exploits like Living Shadow, Four Minutes Ago or Decoy are great to have for either sneaking around or escaping pursuit. Ignoring Exploits altogether is ignoring a great deal of power and options, like ignoring an entire school of Embeds or merits.

                I also much go against the grain on the advice for gadgets; exploited gadgets shouldn’t be waved about openly, but if you manage to hide them in part of a larger mechanism (the clutch on a car, a card in a wallet, ect.) or are simply careful then they can prove a very effective tool for stealth. This is helped by the fact that, unlike Embeded gadgets, Exploited ones don’t require the hardware to do a mundane or symbolic version of what they want the gadget to do. Further, they only consume one aether per month, so keeping them topped off isn’t hard, and they won’t go critical if you ever don’t have aether in it. Just make sure that they have an aether in them around a particular time of the month, or invest multiple aether in it if you need to put it into cold storage, and you’re golden. That said, if there are cryptids around, keep it out of their reach, because exploited gadgets trigger aetheric resonance even without having aether in them.

                Embeded gadgets look normal but can do abnormal things, so having them on hand is likewise exceptionally handy. Authorized on a blank piece of paper easily lets you have Psychic Paper, a gadget that makes it look like official documentation that will benefit a cover story. Just Bruised on a trench coat so that any time you’re hit by bullets the coat reduces the damage to a single bashing. Hush on a pair of gloves so that when you are lockpicking literally nobody outside the room notices, even if they’re in the room you’re lockpicking into. Download Knowledge on a pair of lockpicks, so that you can remove penalties from the complexity of the lock so long as the lockpicks can be used on it. The sky’s the limit with them.


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                  I'd use Like I Built It for the last one, but all good examples in general.

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