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    Hey guys! Big time fan over here. I've been reading the books in preparation for an upcoming Chronicle, and I have a question that keeps bugging me: How do you factor in the consequences of Glitches?
    I know that from a narrative standpoint, ir suposses some kind of anomaly that doesn't quite fits with Reality itself, but how would you translate it in regards to dice rolls? Or how do you manage them? Thanks in advance!!

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    There’s a lot to factor into making a Glitch and the consequences therein, and at the same time one shouldn’t overthink things for Glitches. It mostly comes down to the severity of the Glitch, the scenario the Demon is in and how difficult you can envision it being for the player to roll with. For example,

    Mayday is in their Cover of Rose Glass and is snooping around a bank she suspects Infrastructure is being constructed in. However, as Rose Glass is a Cover known for being a kind, nonviolent lady who words in an orchard, knocking someone out and hiding them in a closet with a choke hold causes a compromise; she succeeds with two successes, and she takes a Glitch.

    Depending on how the Glitch goes, this can go a few ways. Glitches are encouraged to cause complications in the game, or at least be in some way interactive between characters.

    Rose gained a minor Glitch, and the storyteller gives her a brand that makes her smell like baking apples. She is discovered by an employee, but she decides to bluff that she is unused to city banks and had gotten lost. Though the employee is suspicious, the scent Rose’s Glitch puts out helps her story about making apple pies with her orchard’s crop, and the storyteller gives her a +1 bonus to the bluff roll.


    Rose rolled a major glitch, and the storyteller gives her a tell that has her unable to accept anything given to her by hand. Rose is discovered by a bank employee and tries to bluff she’s unused to city banks and had gotten lost. The employee is suspicious but tries to greet Rose, but her Glitch prevents her from accepting the handshake she is offered, putting the employee off further. Further social rolls suffer a -2 penalty as a result of that.

    Rose could have gained any number of brands or tells that didn’t amount to much in the interaction between herself or the bank employee, be it tattoos her clothes cover, a propensity to talk through equations or addressing herself by her first name. That’s not to say that every Glitch she gets has to come into focus in the scene, or even innately give a bonus or penalty to the scenario; Rose smelling of baking apples could just as easily be passed off as a perfume as it could support her story on where she comes from, and if Rose is convincing she could state that she has arthritis or another medical condition that makes her unable or unwilling to shake hands out of discomfort. It just has to be something that could come up in play, be it by roleplay or by giving a contextual penalty (or bonus) with others.

    I would post an example of a catastrophic Glitch in this scenario, though I doubt it could be anything good for Rose Glass or her cover story.
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