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Making an angel fall

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  • Making an angel fall

    Quick question everyone. One of my players wants to try and get an angel to Fall and I was wondering if there was a section in any of the books of the line that discussed that specifically? Or if not any advice on it? Still pretty new to running the specifics of Demon.

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    I don't remember any specific sections for it, but my advice after having read a lot of demon is in short. Don't try to reason the angel into falling, angels are objective and will just reject you outright talking them into falling most of the time. The best option is to target their job in some way, find out what their task is...and move to make them want to fall. Make the guardian hate their charge or love it more than they should, keep a destroyer angel foiled or make it's target seem so innocent that it will have problems with doing it, put roadblocks in the way of the psychopomp...annoy the messenger trying to deliver the orders of the god machine...make an analyst distracted by overflowing it with information and so on.


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      Going through the core book and the storyteller’s guide there are a few examples, keyword “Possible Fall”.

      Generally the possible Fall for a Guardian is failing to protect their charge. A Destroyer, failing to kill what they are supposed to.

      But in general a Demon causing an Angel’s fall is more about disrupting the Angel’s mission than tempting the Angel. Most Angel’s will not be dissuaded from their mission.

      Many Angel’s fall because they grow attached to humanity, but that is a long process and requires the Angel to be active enough to diverge from the God-Machine’s plan. Few demons could get an Angel to Fall via emotional sabotage.


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        AFAIK there are no specific mechanics for making an Angel fall (e.g. some Embed, Exploit or Social Maneuvering). It might be possible to adapt the Social Maneuvering mechanic to making an Angel Fall, but there would have to be a heck of a lot of Doors.

        I think that it should be handled through good story development.
        • Try to have the Angel's mission interfere with another Angel's mission.
        • Force an Angel's mission to come into conflict with its values.
        • Go with the old reliables: Pride, Envy, Anger, Sloth, Gluttony, Lust, Greed. Angels are susceptible to all of these, even in DtD. The longer they interact with humanity, the greater the chance that they will pick up our bad habits.