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Homebrew: Angelic Forms and Covers, alternative rules. Version 0.

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  • Homebrew: Angelic Forms and Covers, alternative rules. Version 0.


    Demon the Descent has a lot of great mechanics, but one thing that bothers a lot of players is how different Angels and Demons behave. As part of a previous post I asked what people wanted an someone mentioned wanting Angel Forms. Angels as ephemeral entities don’t have Covers the same way that Demons do in DTD out of the book. In many cases Angels have a Cover that has no basis in the rules, instead dictated by Storyteller fiat with very loose rules set by the designers.
    My purpose is to replace manifestations with Angelic Form as well as update how Covers work for Angels. This will act as an augmentation/replacement to Angel’s current rules that hopefully better shows how Angels and Cover interact.
    My main goals of this Angelic Form Homebrew:
    • Find an alternative to Manifestations, Angelic Form.
    • Apply Rules to Angel Covers.
    My secondary goals were:
    • Create Cover Death which hinders an Angel Temporarily (i.e. 10 - 50 Days).
    • Unique Angelic Form for each of the 5 Incarnations.
    • Remove the Omniscient feature of Angels in Twilight Form, as Demons will be unlikely to evade an Angel that they have just taken out.
    • Angelic Form that can injure/kill Mortals just by looking upon it, depending on Rank of Angel. Looking upon an Angel’s true form should cause some lesser minds to freak.

    Angels are Ephemeral Entities that were created in Twilight to interact with the physical reality via Cover created by Infrastructure. Angels cannot be destroyed like Mortals or Demons when they are killed in the physical world they are returned to Twilight where they will reform and can be brought back by the God-Machine’s Infrastructure.


    Angels have Cover similar to Demons, but their cover depends on how much the God-Machine thinks they will be interacting with Mortals or supernatural entities. A hermit living in the woods may only need paper thin cover, but the CEO of a major corporation needs a Cover that could survive even the most invasive scrutiny.

    Game Mechanics

    An Angel’s Cover’s Rating can range from 1 to 10 and is seperate from Angel Rank. Unlike Demons, Angels don’t Glitch instead they have their Bane and Ban. When an Angel encounters its Bane it rolls it’s Cover Rating versus the Wits + Composure of any Witnesses in the area, if it fails it has done something that hints at its inhumanity or if it succeeds then it manages to stay hidden. Cover Rating can also be used whenever an Angel behaves in an inhuman way or when the Storyteller deems necessary.

    When an Angel “dies” from non-aggregate damage only their Cover is destroyed, the actual Angel is safely rescued into Twilight while the dead Cover turns to ash after a number of hours equal to the Angel’s Rank. In this Twilight state the Angel is blind to anything in physical reality except for Infrastructure. When an Angel is in the presence of the Infrastructure Condition this Blindness is removed within the Angel’s Rank x 3 Yards from the Infrastructure. Within Infrastructure, the Angel can behave like a normal Ephemeral entity and haunt the nearby area.

    Angels seldom are reformed into a destroyed Cover, the God-Machine has reforged destroyed Covers in special cases. To reform after “death”, Angels require a number of days equal to their max essence. They will reappear at the nearest Infrastructure that can summon it, usually their assigned Infrastructure. As such lower Rank Angels are easier to reforge than higher ones. Their Bane and Ban will remain the same as when they were originally forged, but a new Cover will help surprise unsuspecting Demons.
    Angelic Form

    An Angel’s True Form is a marriage between the Twilight and physical reality. The God-Machine bases an Angel’s Angelic Form on the true nature of the Angel as well as what it thinks will be seen as Divine. When an Angel can sense they are in danger they can transform into their Angelic Form.

    Angelic Forms are both powerful and dangerous to the Angel itself. It calls upon a Hail Mary of power, but puts its own existence at risk. Angels rarely take on Angelic Form unless they know they know they have no other choice.
    An Angel’s Angelic Form has the following benefits:
    • Angelic Forms are personally crafted to reflect an Angel’s true nature. Most of the time this involves a halo of holy light. The main difference between an Angel’s Form versus a Demon Form is that an Angels is more complementary and streamlined, whereas a Demon’s Form will look mismatched or ramshackled.
    • Depending on their Rank, the Angel takes on a physical form that causes Mortals in the vicinity to either be given a Temporary Condition(i.e. Spooked, Shaken, etc...), (Rank 1 and 2), knocked unconscious or given a Persistent Condition(i.e. Amnesia, Blind, Madness, etc...) (Rank 3 and 4), or die (Rank 5) depending on the Angel’s Rank. An Angel may spend Essence equal to its rank to ignore this effect, in case it has allies it doesn’t wish to incapacitate.
    • Angelic Form allows Angels to attack both entities in Twilight and in the physical reality.
    • Angelic Form attacks are always considered Lethal and take on the form of any Melee attack.
    • Depending on the Incarnation of the Angel they gain the following benefit:
      • Destroyer - A radius of power burns those who get near to the Angel. Enemies within the Angel’s Rank x 3 yards takes 1 Lethal per turn within the aura.
      • Guardian - The Angel can merge with its charge to add extra protection. The Angel chooses a person, object, or location as its charge, until it leaves its Angelic Form or dies any damage done to the charge is instead reverted to 1 Bashing to the Angel.
      • Messenger - The Angel’s voice can command enemies to go against their will. An enemy that hears a Messenger’s voice must pass a Resolve + Composure check or do what the Angel tells it to for one turn.
      • Psychopomp - The Angel is able to create a link to the God-Machine. Until the Angel leaves create the Infrastructure condition in the area, allowing it and allies to regain Essence as well as turn nearby Mortals into Stigmatics or Animals into Cryptids. The Angel has full control over the powers and form the Stigmatics or Cryptids are given.
      • Analyst - The Angel is impossible to see as it hides in the blindspots of reality. An enemy that wises to see the Angel must pass a Wits + Compromise check before attacking it.
    An Angel’s Form has the following detriments:
    • Linking their Twilight Form into the physical reality allows an Angel to die as if it ran out of Essense when its Corpus reaches 0.

    Please let me know what you think on this post. This is version 0 at the moment and any recommendation from people with more experience with homebrewing in Chronicles of Darkness is much appreciated.
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