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  • Need Help with Interlock

    Hey, to keep a long story short. It is up to me to design my characters Interlocks. Problem is I am kinda stuck.
    Anyone got any good ideas what an Interlock with Download Knowledge and Efficiency might be?

    If it helps my demon fell wanting to know why he was collecting info on people. Also why so dissapeared and some didn't. After falling he still just tries to collect all information he can. If I was designing the whole thing myself (I only got to choice the first embed and my ST has choice the rest). I would have made the final secret something like "Knowledge is only as useful when used". Knowing everything get anything done. Knowledge does nothing unless you know how to apply it.
    But I did not design the cipher.

    I could just do with some ideas. Doesn't matter if it is broken or overpowered, it might give me a good idea to work off.

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    Metaintuition: Ask the Storyteller one question of physical fact and receive a flash of an action you can take or a scenario you could seek out. Performing the action or placing yourself at the scene will complete a set of circumstances that will guarantee events that will soon reveal the answer to your question, but those events may introduce direct complications or danger. Answers about the secrets or plans of the God-Machine invariably require circumstances that attract its attention.