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Starting a game as an angel about to fall?

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  • Starting a game as an angel about to fall?

    Just had a weird idea.
    Would it be possible to start a game as actual angels?
    as in - the PCs are angels that are on the brink of falling (free will) but not quite yet.

    Would this be an interesting game - or too fraught with perilous decision that could send the game astray?

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    The mechanics aren't quite there for playing angels, but I think playing it out could be fantastic fun anyway.

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      Hmm, if I were to run an angel prologue, I'd have the player make a Demon first, and then generate the angel sheet from there. I'd swap embeds out for numina relating to the mission and apply only the original cover at a much lower level to simulate the fact that angel covers are not as deeply embedded into reality. Stats like power/resistance/finesse/rank can be at any level since the angels lose a lot of their worldshaking potency when they fall.

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        Sorry to dig that thread from so many years ago but I was wondering if anybody had played the fall as Intro to their campaign?
        For me, the Fall seems like such an important and defining moment in the life of the Demon that I have a hard time imagining myself starting with anything else ...


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          I started my game with a prelude with the characters as angels. With session zero we made characters, answered the five questions, and talked a bit about what they saw themselves doing as angels. Then I gave each player about 10 -15 minutes with the prelude, almost like a mortal in a vampire game, where we ran through what they answered and got to their choice to fall. If they needed to roll dice I had them sum up their attributes for Power, Finesse, and Resistance. That really helped play up the fat that angels can have a ton of dice and are scary. We didn't really come across a need for numina. After each fall, I had the newly formed demon meet the same NPC so everyone would have a plot hook and come together at session one.


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            Thanks IceIX!
            Did all your players had a clear idea of their fall? Or did you submit them to tests, as Angels, and verify whether they would Fall or not?
            I am considering using that second option ... I would ask my player what kind of Angel he would like to be, then I would play some events of its life and test it to see what would make it Fall.


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              Each of my players had a pretty good sense of what made them fall and were able to describe it while we were talking about the characters in character generation. The fall is integral to the demon that the PCs create; it should have affect many choices that are made during character creation. We were of course focused on the game that was looming ahead: the one way where the bulk of the campaign is played as demons they've. Your presented idea sounds great for a game that is more focused on their time as angels which sounds like it could be a great deal of fun.


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                I'd restrict it to the prelude.


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                  Originally posted by Malus View Post
                  I'd restrict it to the prelude.
                  I would too, but if you wanted something longer term, you could probably hack it using the rules for playable ghosts in Geist 2e.

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                    Playing as the God-Machine's elite team of Angels?

                    Bonus points if the Covers assigned are typically female and they refer to the Machine as Charlie.

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                      Rank 2 Angel is good enough for this, style ghosts of Geist's appendix. The confusion is always that Cover.