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    Originally posted by Korogra View Post

    But Zac.. seems odd for inspiration lol
    I actually wanted to do a mix of Zac and Juiblex, the faceless from D&D. Turned out pretty solid in the end.

    nWoD Warhammer Fantasy RPG,
    WoD Wraith: The Oblivion
    and Infernum-style Demon: The Descent, Shadows of Abaddon -->,26.0.html


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      Originally posted by MrParaduo View Post

      I actually wanted to do a mix of Zac and Juiblex, the faceless from D&D. Turned out pretty solid in the end.
      Sweet, sounds pretty cool


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        Still have the initial stats. Here.


        "Even if you don't have a spine, you still have to stand up for yourself."

        Cover ID: Jubei Goto
        Incarnation: Guardian
        Agenda: Saboteur
        Virtue: Courage
        Vice: Sloth
        Health: 9
        Primum: 1
        Aether: ?/10
        Willpower: 5
        Cover: 7

        Defense: 3 (df +3)
        Size: 6
        Speed: 9 (df +5)
        Armor: 0/0
        Initiative Mod: +4

        Intelligence ••
        Wits ••
        Resolve ••

        Strength ••• (df +2)
        Dexterity •
        Stamina •••

        Presence ••
        Manipulation ••
        Composure •••

        Multiple Agendas (Tempter) ••
        Giant •••
        Choke Hold ••
        Bolthole •••
        --Easy Access (3)

        Medicine (Drugs) •
        Science •••

        Athletics •• (df +2)
        Brawl (Grappling) •••
        Stealth ••

        Empathy •
        Intimidation •
        Persuasion ••
        Socialize ••
        Streetwise ••
        Subterfuge (Impersonate) •••

        Embeds & Exploits
        Ambush (Wits + Stealth)
        Just Bruised (Wits + Medicine)
        Momentum (Key) (Wits + Science)
        -- Possession (ex) (Intelligence + Persuasion + Primum vs. Resolve)
        Demonic Form
        Modifications: Slippery Body, Mental Resistance, Inhuman Strength
        Technologies: Fluid Form, Blind Sense
        Propulsion: Long Limbs
        Processes: Memory Theft

        • The world needs more heroes. Juiblex wants to groom a few out from society's dregs, even if he has to cheat here and there.
        • Gain control of a local street gang to help influence the area where needed.
        • Build a safe haven for not just demons, but mortals as well, that's free of the God-Machine.

        • Jubei Goto (7) -- Giant, middle-aged, Japanese Bouncer

        It sucks when the world turns against you. That’s what Juiblex found out when he fell from grace. Created to protect a single mortal in Tokyo Metropolis, the Guardian could adapt to any situation with literal flexibility and strength. His charge, a man by the name of Yoshiro Morimoto, was an industrial engineer working on various projects across the city. Juiblex was never told why he needed protection. That wasn’t the point. All he needed to know and do was keep the mortal safe until further notice.

        Things began to fall apart a month after arrival. One night, Yoshiro went to visit his brother Genki (at the behest of their mother). Unfortunately, he found his brother being browbeaten by a local group of Yakuza just outside Genki’s apartment complex. Unable to sit by, Yoshiro forced Juiblex (under the guise of best friend Jubei Goto) to save his brother.
        As it turns out, the local Yakuza were extorting money from the surrounding neighborhoods, particularly those with small businesses. Requests made to the police were met with little-to-no success, leaving most of the victims stranded and unable to pay protection money. With his brother refusing to abandon his beloved home, Yoshiro requested both he and Juiblex spend the next day over. Sure enough, the Yakuza returned, and were ready for a fight. It was only when one of the gangers began using lethal weapons that Juiblex was forced to kill. This would prove to be the angel’s biggest mistake, and one he regrets even to this day.

        Though he had altered the brothers’ memories to depict the thugs fleeing the scene, the Yakuza were not so easily manipulated. With a vengeance, the Yakuza began targeting everything related to Genki. Family members wound up dead, coworkers disappeared. Eventually, it seemed as though both brothers were doomed to a slow and agonizing death of spirit. Juiblex knew that this was his own fault, but also knew that standing by Yoshiro would not protect him in the long run. Hesitantly, the guardian ran off to deal with the head of the snake.

        In just one night, the local boss had a “change of heart”, ceasing further harassment of the Morimoto Family. But the damage was already done. When Juiblex returned, he found the brothers dead in a pool of their own blood, Yoshiro laid out as though shielding his brother’s body. It then dawned on the angel that, for all his dedication to protecting Yoshiro, Juiblex could never have succeeded without being in two places at once. How could the God Machine expect him to? It must have, why else throw in so much time and effort just to have it all fail? Was he meant to fail? Was the death and torment of good people just a sort of necessary cruelty? No, if that was the truth, the angel would have no part of it. This sick corruption of the same ideals built into him was repulsive, and as he fell, Juiblex vowed to find a hell where both he and those worthy of him would find sanctuary, till the day from which a world of heroes would emerge.
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        nWoD Warhammer Fantasy RPG,
        WoD Wraith: The Oblivion
        and Infernum-style Demon: The Descent, Shadows of Abaddon -->,26.0.html


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          pretty cool


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            Really? You don't think it's gaudy or anything?

            nWoD Warhammer Fantasy RPG,
            WoD Wraith: The Oblivion
            and Infernum-style Demon: The Descent, Shadows of Abaddon -->,26.0.html


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              Mr. Thorn (Destroyer/Saboteur) was charged with missions where reputations and fortunes needed to be destroyed nearly as often as ones where people and places 'simply' needed to be rendered down into their component pieces. His freshly-fallen natural form is that of a nearly man-shaped tangle of fractal-edged razor wire that coils and gyres around a core of headache-inducing visual static. An asssassin's body, he can thread himself through astonishingly small openings and penetrate into the most secure parts of an enemy's stronghold. When it comes time to destroy a target, hellish razor wire snares the target, dragging it into Mr. Thorn's nightmarishly gnashing core.

              Modifications: Low Density, Slippery Body, Sonic Acuity
              Technologies: Collapsible, Mirrored Skin
              Propulsion: Tether
              Processes: Cavernous Maw

              When one is accustomed to privilege, equality seems like oppression.


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                Mr. Caliber's function while a thrall of the Machine was to act as a highly mobile ranged combat platform, and even after Falling he still performs much of the same function for the Agency he is affiliated with. Caliber resembles a massive black and red cybernetic centipede-like creature bristling with various implements for ranged combat. Explosive spines run along the entire length of the fifteen foot long creepy crawler beginning from the base of its head and ending at its tail. These spines function as an emergency anti-personnel ranged weapon should hostiles get too close, and they possess a hollow structure that's filled with a potent organically produced toxin. These aren't the only weapons the demon has at his disposal, and along his body is a high caliber mounted gun capable of traveling up and down his long back thanks to a mechanized track system, allowing him to be able to fire at targets regardless of his body's position. But perhaps the creature's greatest weapon is a small scale artillery weapon built into it's bulbous head, allowing the demon to lodge explosive shells into the midst of targets or to destroy heavily protected enemies/structures. Caliber isn't entirely helpless at close range should his munitions fail him; his many legs are razor sharp and make for effective melee weapons in a pinch, and he possesses a pair of huge and toxic steel mandibles that are easily capable of shearing through flesh or light armor- though close combat is not something he particularly enjoys. Fortunately Caliber does possess the ability to camouflage himself and is a surprisingly fast while in demon form and is easily capable of monitoring enemy chatter and actions thanks to his highly receptive Antennae, allowing him to usually keep out of the sight or range of most targets.. at least until he is ready to strike.

                Claws and Fangs, Huge Size, Radio Suite, Rivet Arm

                Eyes of Fate, Mirrored Skin,Toxins

                Long Limbs, Burrowing

                Eliminator Cannon, Quill Burst

                ( Note, for sake of justifying the extra abilities, he does have Terrible Form 4)


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                  Originally posted by TidyGamer View Post
                  Mr. Thorn ... nearly man-shaped tangle of fractal-edged razor wire...
                  Just a fun thought: a fractal-edged sword would be basically a pool noodle, an incredibly soft one depending on how far the fractal extended. Not to say it wouldn't necessarily cut, but there would be no perceivable edge on the thing that [theoretically, taken to an extreme] could divide molecules.
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                    I was making me and my mates as characters for each 2e gameline, with demon we ended up with the forms of:
                    Blade Hand, Night Vision, Fast Attack, Aura Sight, Inhuman Beauty, Wings, Wound Healing
                    Once an assassin for god who fell when their guilt brought her to attempt her own destruction. She now appears as a beautiful female angel with eyes which radiate hungry darkness. Her skin is covered in scars and cuts, many of which still drip with blood. Sticking out of one of the angel's many injuries is the handle of a massive straight razor, which she slides out of herself to use in battle.

                    Black Hole/0.68
                    Unyeilding Vice, Low Density, Limb Retractor, Mirrored Skin, Environmental Resistance, Teleportation, Cavernous Maw
                    Originally designed to broadcast a specific set of gravity waves (now known as GW150914) for scientists to discover once humanity becomes technologically advanced enough to receive such a broadcast, this angel fell when he travelled to earth to try and discover the results of it's work. This demon is technically invisible and only visible in that the effect of it's gravity faintly distorting a region of the background. Sometimes the distortion appears to have pseudopods for manipulating objects, other times it appears to just be an orb.

                    Claws and Fangs, Slippery Body, Lighting, Clairvoyant Sight, Laser Cutter, Wings, Insect Swarm
                    Originally made to observe a cult and reproduce the sigils they create in certain locations in the form of light projections, this unchained's body is a conscious swarm of bioluminescent "insects". The actual biology of these insects do not match that of any terrestrial invertebrate that it can uncover through research. When multiple members of the swarm physically interlock their bioluminescent organs, the light produced by said organs acts as an effective laser.

                    Claws and Fangs, Sonic Acuity, Advanced Optics, Barbed Tail, Inhuman Beauty, Teleportation, Body Modification
                    The incubus claims to have inspired many cult leaders throughout history, often complaining about the amount of surveillance work he had to do to know the perfect appearance and mannerisms he would need to utilise to get them to do has the God-Machine desired. He has a rather archetypical demon appearance with horns, forked tail, pointed ears and pitch black eyes with no whites, but otherwise his appearance changed to suit his needs.

                    Armoured Plates, Blade Hand, Electrical Sight, Inhuman Strength, Blind Sense, Glory and Terror, Plasma Drive, Dataform (Terrible Form 1)
                    Programmed to protect server-room underneath a prodigious university, the minotaur fought off intruders effortlessly by travelling through the maze of servers to always appear behind the victims back ready to cleave them in twain. She has the body of a robotic minotaur and is able to convert both herself and her axe into machine code.


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                      The Butcher
                      Inhuman Strength, Blade Arms, Fast Attack, Blind Sight, Fire Resistance, Electric Resistance, Plasma Drive, Phasing, Multiple Images, Wound Healing, Extra Mechanical Limbs (Terrible Form 4, Advance Form)
                      The Butcher was an unrelenting killing machine for high-value targets: when he was sent to take care of someone, it meant the target or someone close to the target was dangerous.
                      Now, this Destroyer destroys infrastructure and hunts down Angels, to strike against the G-M.
                      Imagine a four-armed humanoid being, with hooked and curved blades instead of hands, an eyeless, smooth elongated grey hull for a head, with colorful lights blinking deep within,digitigrade legs and black, fuming exhaust pipes portruding from the back. Then throw out half the flesh and replace it with metal, pneumatic motors for muscles and microchips-like structures all over the skin. Speaking of which, instead of skin, have a smooth, thin sheet of a semi-transparent, blackish alloy. The chest glows with a deep blue hue. The teeth are a blackish-green metal, and a sort of clear, slightly yellow oil flows from the mouth like saliva from a rabid animal's.