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    I have to say I'm shocked that no one has already started a thread about this,

    So what combinations of embeds or exploits have you folks come up with?

    Like one of the first things I thought of was combining Ephemeral Cover with Terrible Avatar so that their independent form takes on spirit or ghostly form.

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    There's absolutely heaps you could do with it. A few combinations I like:

    Ellipses + The Map Is Not The Territory: Not only distracts someone, but also makes them useless at being able to understand any written or printed material. It'd work great for anyone front of house who deals with accounting, books or otherwise.

    Miles Away + Just Bruised: Gives you mental and emotional strength!

    Identity Theft + Going Native or The Voting Dead + Going Native: Become a flawless replica of a human for a short period of time.

    The Look + Knockout Punch: Put someone to sleep with your death glare

    Vox + Solitary Confinement: Contain someone to a dimension where only you can talk to them. As any voice you wish. Hell of an interrogation chamber.

    Authorised + The Word: Issue commands from a position of authority.

    Open-And-Shut-Case + Play Possum: Make it look like someone's murdered you, but come back to life later. Good for faking your own death

    Cause And Effect + Murder By Improbability: Yes, you now can actually murder the prime minister by making breakfast.

    In My Pocket + Rip The Gates: ...on second thought, Rip The Gates as a gadget alone is terrifying.


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      ...some of those violate the concept.

      Lambda Gadgets are both more versatile and more limited than the Embeds and/or Exploits they are made from. And personally, I find those restrictions to be equally as fun the powers.

      So please, don't let it be X + Y = Kweel.

      For example, instead of
      Originally posted by Xenesis View Post
      Cause And Effect + Murder By Improbability: Yes, you now can actually murder the prime minister by making breakfast.
      imagine a black twisted piece of metal that was at point a spoon. When you use it stir some kind of food and/or drink; holding the 'spoon end' and whisper the words "Eternal Sleep" in perfect Cantonese (while spending a point of Ather); you may name one person. If this individual consumes the prepared food/drink within a time limit; then said meal will conspire to end that person's life.

      To me, that is more iconic and cool. And now I want my Killer Spoon.

      Thoughts ripple out, birthing others


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        A second-order Lambda:

        Deep Cover + Visions of Heaven and Hell + Voice of the Machine: Leverage the energy released by a Falling angel to turn a demon into an exile or a stigmatic into a Fractal.

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          The Traffic Bumper:

          You've spent a half hour closing in on the suspect's black Lamborghini LP570-4. Damn fine car, really, but your contact has assured you that the driver is planning a terrorist action again the Deva Corporation, so you close in, hoping to... what a minute... did they? They didn't.

          They did.

          Someone actually marred that beautiful car with a bumper sticker. As you pull in behind them you see what it says "How's my Driving? Call 1-800-BIG-BRO"
          Your mind sparks, what they hell? What they hell? You don't draw attention to a car like that! Are these people trying to be subtle? Funny? It's bad enough they're driving around in a Red Mercedes Benz SL R230... wait.. that's what they were driving, right? Wait a minute, did you just think 'were'? With a start, you realize that the target car is nowhere to be seen,
          and you can't remember what it looks like.

          Ellipsis + Never Here

          This magnetic bumper sticker might say anything: something political, something thoughtful, something funny but most often something inane... but it is eye catching, especially to anyone trying to shadow the car the Traffic Bumper is attached to. To activate the gadget, the car driver rolls Manipulation + Drive - Shadower's resolve. Success means the shadower stops paying attention to the target car juuuussst as it makes a turn until it passes out of sight. Each additional success causes the pursuer to forget one detail about the car (color, make, model, license plate number, etc.)

          The Sixth Bullet:

          It's a magnum .44 round, shiny silver casing. If you hold it up to your ear, you can hear, faintly, the sound track from Dirty Harry coming from it.

          Like the Movies + Combustion

          Any car by this bullet will explode. Dramatically. The gadget can be reused by reloading the spent cartridge with propellant and a cap.


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            Armistice of Mind Home Security System

            It looks like one of the security alarms you buy at Home Depot, if the security system was a hypothetical love child of H. R. Geiger and Rube Goldberg. 70s technological aesthetic on the front with copper screen microphones, knobs and raised grey numerical pads. Terrifying mechanical insect-like with barbered hooks scuttle on the back and, oh god, is that battery on the back leaking glowing blue ooze?

            Terrifying Avatar + Demon House

            Some Inquisitor, more paranoid than most, took a self install home security system, imprinted it with a copy of his personality and turned it into this. This gadget has one single purpose: if an individual enters the premises without entering the proper security code, the alarm system will possess the house, and violently try to murder the intruder.
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              Another second-order:

              High of Birth + Strength Through Adversity + Fractal Reality:

              Resident Sanguinary Analyst
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                Rip The Gates+Newton's Nightmares+Echoing Death=???

                Sean K.I.W./Kelly R.A. Steele, Freelance Writer(Feel free to call me Sean, Kelly, Arcane, or Arc)
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                  Raze Infrastructure + Behind the Curtain = They Set Us Up The Bomb. By means of planting this device inside a piece of Infrastructure, it begins burning down every single one in the area (including its host Infrastructure. Something a Demon might use when they tire of existence and want to get the Machine's attention.

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                    Merciless Gunman + Rip The Gates = a gun that sends the target into one of the Invisible Realms instead of dealing damage.

                    Turn Blade + Cause And Effect = a bracelet or wristwatch that redirects the kinetic energy of a melee attack to the attacker, hurting him instead of you. A different version does the same to bullets. Does not work if the user is surprised, unless Strike First/Check Backdrop is added to the Gadget.

                    Hellhound + Solitary Confinement = a pokéball containing a Cryptid.

                    Never Here + Homogeneous Memory + The Only Word That Matters = a MIB style device that causes amnesia about something the target just saw, and replaces the memory with one of the user's choosing.
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                      Across the Room + Force Relationship = A flip phone where the numbers on the keypad are in Glagolitic and the symbol Ⰳ is etched deeply into screen. The shell is pretty heavily nicked, to the point where you can only vaguely tell that it was one enamelled a bright cherry red.

                      There's no contact list and no sim card - attempting to dial a phone number just brings up static. Instead, dialling any unique numerical designation a person might have lets them receive the call - their cell-phone rings, the nearest fax machine prints the message in real time, their computer opens a voice-only Skype call, or the intercom system in the prison they are being kept in starts bellowing out the message in question.

                      If anyone else tries to intercept the message or answers the phone, they hear the target's name before the connection seemingly melts into static.

                      Common Misperception + Urban Legend + Everybody Knows = This Lambda was an... accident. We think. Basically, it "uploads" a very specific use of Common Misperception into a normal mortal person, and makes it contagious - the victim rolls their Science + Manipulation while sharing that "fact", causing that use of Common Misperception (with that number of Successes) to lodge itself in the person their talking to, penalizing the next relevant roll and turning them into a vector of the Lambda.

                      A given person remains a vector indefinitely - fortunately, the Lambda "breaks" on exposure to facts counter to the information it contains, removing itself from the person.

                      As for what that fact is, well... we're not exactly sure. We think we might be vectors, so we don't want to guess, in case we might infect other people. You understand, right?

                      Show of Power + Inflict Stigmata + Deep Cover + Going Native = While this Device appears to be a large RFID chip, looking at it under a microscope reveals that the soldering is chemically identical to human bone, while the whole chip is built on a piece of ceramic seemingly shaved from a piece of crockery. More importantly, surgically inserting this Lambda under the skin of a mundane mortal converts them into an Offspring, with some rather... interesting differences.

                      Namely, they do not read as an Offspring or, indeed, as related to the God-Machine at all. Instead, they appear to be an entirely different sort of phenomena, with their Stigmata, Embeds, and Cipher twisting to match. Worryingly enough, this modification to the basic template lacks the "usual" Omen Sensitivity and Unseen Sense - instead, the artificial Offspring gains Unseen Sense (Others Like Me) and may convert other mortals into Stigmatics warped to follow the thematics of their "type" of Supernatural being by forcing them to suffer a unique Breaking Point defined by their "template".

                      Such Stigmatics also lack Omen Sensitivity and replace Unseen Sense (God-Machine) with Unseen Sense (Others Like Me) - however, rather than being contagious, they receive one of the original Offspring's Cipher Embeds instead, which must be one that the Offspring has already "unlocked". Such Stigmatics receive the Swooning Condition with regards to the Offspring that "turned" them.

                      It is assumed that at one point a way to reprogram the chip existed - however, after the creator (a Tempter) seems to have disappeared, and they didn't write any of that crap down, so the results seem to be random. We also aren't entirely sure what they were aiming to achieve - it's a cute trick, but I (at the very least) don't really see the point.

                      Wave Function Collapse + Frozen In Time + Newton's Nightmare = It looks like someone had the idea to make a watch into a piece of modern art. Also, it does nothing. No really, it does nothing except wind down. It's stuck with regards to the frame of reference it's in when you wind it - you stick it in a train, and it moves with the train, but otherwise? Any attempt to move it or make it do something fails. It modifies the laws of physics and probability on a local level to prevent any action would make it do something - attempting to affect it from outside of "local space" causes timing hiccups on your end that mean you end up missing.

                      Using it as a shield doesn't work - the ways it tweaks reality mean that you can't use it as cover. Heck, try to use it as a hat rack some time - the outlandish ways you fail to put your hat on it will at least be good for a laugh. In general, it'll wind down in about hour - though it has a nasty tendency to wind itself if someone tries to damage it.

                      I have decided, after some thought, that I don't really feel happy on these forums. I might decide to come back to post. Who knows - but right now, I'm gone.

                      So good bye, good luck, and have a nice day.


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                        Summoning Circle (Summon + Rip The Gates): This strange brass ring is lined in alternating Demonic and Angelic script (those who look really closely, and have been specially trained, might be able to tell the difference) and can be activated to call forth a being from one of the other realms. Disclaimer: while the Lambda will compel appearance, it does not compel cooperation or good behavior. Additional employment of the entity's Ban, Bane, and/or other warding is strongly recommended.

                        Combination Drive (Merge + Demon Car): This Lambda is peculiar in that it only operates in a set with other like Lambdas. When these... devices... are installed in vehicles, their users can trigger them to combine their transformed automotives into a nightmarish juggernaut of steel, Demonic weaponry, and voided auto insurance. [Go, go, Demonic Voltron!]

                        Personal Heaven/Hell (Solitary Confinement + Visions Of Heaven And Hell): This twisting, ephemeral seeming door leads one into their own personal Heaven, filled with all the delights their mind can imagine, or their own personal Hellscape, filled with all the torments that plague their subconscious. While each instance only leads one place, the doors are rarely labelled. Some Agencies use them to break recalcitrant subjects - by subjecting them to torment, withholding delights, or just afflicting them with uncertainty.

                        Super Happy Fun Bouncy Ball (The Look + Apple of Discord): This nefarious rubber ball enthralls all who notice it, compelling them to stare enraptured into its depths until they fall unconscious. Just toss it into a crowded room and let the "fun" begin. Some variants have Affliction (keyed to Madness) used instead of The Look.

                        Golden Dulcinea Idol (Apple of Discord + Addiction + No Quarter): This unnaturally plain looking gold (-plated) statue drives everyone who beholds it mad with desire for it, and will attempt to kill all competitors in an effort to be the sole possessor, then spending the rest of their efforts never leaving its presence. Makes for a great distraction or guard-catcher.

                        Ant-Spy (Animal Communication + Remote Link-Up): This tiny optical device lets the whoever places it upon an ant (Formicidae) remote control and see through the tiny creature's senses. Very useful for spying unawares. Alternate designs have been known to be constructed for flies (Musca domestica).

                        Angel Slayer (Ephemeral Cover + Reality Enforcement): This blade seems to be both more and less real than everything around it. When striking an Angel, even one in Twilight, it disables their access to Numina for 5 turns (duration being replaced with each successful strike). Demons and Stigmatics are unable to use their own powers while holding the weapon, however.

                        Seeker Bomb (Animal Messenger + Combustion): This torturous looking prod can transform hapless animals into target seeking incendiaries. After being branded, the user utters the target's name, and may speak a short message (message is optional - if not declared, the animal will repeat the first sentence it encounters; something that led a mage cabal on a wild goose chase for a month, trying to uncover the mystic significance of pigeons telling them to "Eat At Joe's" before undergoing spontaneously combustion). After delivering its message on contact with the target, the poor creature becomes highly flammable, often bursting into flames in the next moment and burning the target of the "message".

                        Devouring Beacon (Devour Infrastructure + Swarm + Hellhounds): This hive-like mass can be implanted inside a piece of active Infrastructure. Once set, it anchors itself and begins consuming the Infrastructure for Aether, while sending out a call to vermin in the area. Any that arrive near it get transformed into guardian cryptids and fed sustaining Aether. Eventually, the hive will fully consume the Infrastructure, and release a hoard of Aether-hungry cryptids into the surrounding area. In the meantime, it makes an excellent distraction/trap for any angel that comes to defend the parasitized Infrastructure.
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                          Originally posted by ArcaneArts View Post
                          Rip The Gates+Newton's Nightmares+Echoing Death=???
                          So, did anyone actually have any ideas for this?

                          Sean K.I.W./Kelly R.A. Steele, Freelance Writer(Feel free to call me Sean, Kelly, Arcane, or Arc)
                          The world is not beautiful, therefore it is.-Keiichi Sigsawa, Kino's Journey
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                            Originally posted by ArcaneArts View Post
                            So, did anyone actually have any ideas for this?
                            Well, looking at the components...
                            Rip The Gates: Sends stuff to other realms.
                            Newton's Nightmares: Plays around with inertia and gravity.
                            Echoing Death: Kill someone and undo what they did.

                            How about: Creates a vortex that pulls all drawn within into the Underworld, and undoes their recent (or life's) actions. No one can tell you set off the device after it activated, nor knows anyone pulled inside was in the area.

                            I'm sure this can be played around with more...

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                              That did actually give me another idea:

                              Rip The Gates + Two Places At Once + Disintegrate

                              Product: Literal Portal gun.

                              Terrible Avatar + Decoy + Context Matters

                              Product: Your friends don't know how, but for as long as they've know you, you've had an imaginary demon friend. It's pretty spooky how you can talk to it through your pendant, but your imaginary friend seems like a pretty cool guy.