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  • And the Games Begin... - Demon PbP Discussion


    I will be running a PbP for Squidheadjax and Calrabjohns, this is a 2 player game with the intention of exploring some of the themes of the game.

    I have, amazingly enough, no experience with D:tD prior to this but we'll muddle through somehow

    This thread is for general OOC discussion, anyone can post so if you're not playing and are just interested in watching the madness then do feel free to comment!

    Squid, Cal if you could begin making characters that would be great. Do please bear in mind the 'pitch' below though.

    I want to run the game to explore Demon as hunter and Demon as hunted. To that end I would like one of you two to take on the role of newly fallen (as in the very first scene you're in will be you falling) and for the other to be a relatively new (maybe 5 bonus xp to start?) but already fallen Demon. The newly fallen will know Angels are after them in a general sense (because falling isn't exactly a stealthy affair) while the other player will sense something God Machine related and have suspicions that it's another Angel falling.

    A bit of cat and mouse hopefully but eventually I'd hope you'd meet up and see how your experiences through the game at that point flavour your meeting.

    To that end please begin the character building process! Do try and decide which role you'd like to take on, newly fallen or barely established. Consider the following.

    1. You will be in the UK, Nov 30th, 2013 at the start of the game.
    2. You will be in some generic mid sized town/small city somewhere in the south of the country, but specifics don't really matter.
    3. Integrators are a'Ok but one whose immediate goals are to get right back into the GM will be vetoed...not likely to work very well unless you've got something compelling to sell me on it.
    4. For your Covers if you could please describe them in 100 words or less that would be great.
    5. We'll be using the rules document from the KickStarter (obviously).

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    Are PbPs within the board etiquette, or should we find somewhere else?


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      I don't think it would support the actual PbP for the dice-rolling purposes. I assumed we were planning it here and moving to some place like Unless it's against policies though, there'd be no reason the posts couldn't be transcribed here at the end of each scene or however it breaks up. Wouldn't it just be similar to a game breakdown like Baron Samedi has posted in the past about his Geist sessions?
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        Setting this up as an Actual Play, yeah, that could be neat.


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          I was just going to run it here, no fiddling around with other forums or cross posting in multiple locations.

          Dice rolling...again meh. Use Invisible castle or your preferred one and link the results in your post. Or just roll analog and post the results. What matters is the narrative and the decisions you make, the powers you use, the conversations you have etc.


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            I have no preference. All of that sounds great to me. Happy as a clam now that I know how to post here without a word traffic jam ensuing.


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              How much time would you say has passed as a barely fallen Demon. 1 year or less? I don't think it would be more than 3 but want to make sure.


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                Ok, works for me. Still busy with American Thanksgiving Weekend stuff tho, so can't post much today. As I mull over the idea I'm coming up with, I realize it can work for either the brand-new demon or the one with longer tenure, but I'm actually starting to lean toward the latter - which one do you want, Calrabjohns?


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                  Couple of months for the barely fallen. Enough to have gotten vaguely comfortable with their current situation.

                  Not enough to have met a lot of other Demons or Angel or gotten too many attachments to Agencies.


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                    I had been leaning toward the already fallen but if needed, he can be adjusted for Houston, we have a problem.
                    I'm still working at it as a competing idea came about earlier today for a psychologist who uses his sessions with patients to figure out which life would be best to appropriate. People seem to get much better around him for some reason but then it wears off and they want that feeling back.
                    I have no idea why he Fell though or why he would have been placed to do what he does in the first place---maybe as a Messenger to build up the wavering confidence of a member in the House of Parliament (or Lords---my ignorance is showing) and to sway him toward voting a certain way for a zoning bill to the ends of ground for Infrastructure.
                    Maybe it would be better to figure out who's Falling and who Fell on Sunday? One story might end up being more conducive for a good setup than the other in this case for each relative position. As I was typing this, the idea of the psychologist having fallen mid-examination popped in and that really tickles me.
                    I think I can still get one of them in tonight but it would be later. Is there anything more you can think of that you want from us, Scutarri? From the concise rundown you asked for regarding covers, I'm not sure if you'd like the same for each question like "Who thinks he/she knows something about you that is smoke and mirrors?," or if there are things you'd like to leave blank and fill in as the story progresses.
                    I'll be right back.


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                      Consider the 100 word limit for Covers to be more a warning about not going into too much detail or writing too much. Feel free to answer the bullet point questions for the Covers if you want to, but some of that can emerge through play.

                      The psychologist could be the newly fallen then. Sent as a messenger to influence a Member of Parliament. The MP is in charge of whichever constituency the city is in and has their home/surgery in the same city. The Psychologist falls for an as yet undetermined reason. The Fence is set up in the same city but has been active as a Demon for a few months and suddenly feels something big happening...

                      One thing from a structure side when we play.

                      Can you use spoiler blocks for your scenes and try to not read each others? Hopefully it'll obfuscate at least a little of what each other are doing until you've met up. If it doesn't work in play we'll drop it as a gimmick.


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                        That sounds ok to me. Sorry for the confusion though re: the psychologist vs. fence. It would only be one of those either having fallen or barely established. I didn't realize how murky that read.
                        I'll keep getting to it then.


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                          And I'm done with holiday sorts of things! So, my idea for the newly-Fallen:

                          Miss Greene:
                          A Guardian, sent to preserve Infrastructure concealed by a large, largely wooded, municipal park, and most specifically an abstract, vaguely man-shaped, rusted iron statue of indeterminate but 'old' age. In the cover of a young woman with a surprising amount of resources to toss into activism, it protects the park and its original design until the statue – actually a Destroyer cut off from its original supporting Infrastructure and protectively encased in a mundane disguise – awakens and goes on a rampage. Having come to genuinely care for the whole town, it violates its directives and sneak-attacks the Destroyer to stop it.

                          While still mostly concerned with ducking Angelic attention, Miss Greene is trying to establish herself as more of a broad-focused background supporter of causes that improve quality of life for the people in the town. She’s starting to fancy herself a bit of a nature goddess and is starting to establish a cult to act as extra lookouts for her and, later, to increase her influence. Her focus on humanity and acting through them pretty much settles her in as a Tempter, once she actually comes to know the Agendas at least.

                          ...and that's about 200 words, but I'm terrible at summaries.
                          Some bullet point details will follow later today, and I'll get to work on a character sheet if you like it, ST.
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                            Squid that's a fully workable concept.

                            But perhaps may work better as the recently fallen rather than the one that fals at the start of the game. They sound like they've got links and such built into the world already which a newly fallen probably would not have.

                            Are you happy to be the slightly established Demon with that character concept? If so you make a normal starting character and get +5xp to make them with. (5 is probably a lot but I figure the Demon does the most learning and gains the most experience right when they start as everything is new to them so everything is a learning experience).


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                              Good point. I'll work on it after work.