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Primer: Corrupted Programs- Aberrations of The God-Machine

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  • Primer: Corrupted Programs- Aberrations of The God-Machine

    Hello all, how are you? It's Korogra once again here to share with you something that I have put a lot of thought into for the past few weeks. Demon plays homage to a lot of my favorite movies and shows, the Matrix Trilogy in particular, and one of my very favorite characters of said movies is Agent Smith. Smith to me presents an opportunity, he is an Agent of the System that disobeys his directives to return to the source for re-purposing because he was "Killed" and thus becomes unplugged ( much like how a angel would fall and become a demon). And yet he then becomes something much much worse than what he was originally- he becomes a virus that threatens to destroy everything, forcing the Machines to ally with Neo in order to preserve themselves and humanity by proxy.

    I really like that idea, so I created something to pay homage to that concept, a sort of Agent Smith mixed with the Angels of Evangelion to be sufficiently strange. So without further ado, I present to you the Aberrants!

    Note, this thread will be split into three sections: an basic overview of what they are, a section covering the mechanics and abilities o the Aberrants and how to create them, and a character section detailing two of such Aberrants I have created. The reason for this is so I may have feed back in between the time it will take for me to put all three parts up for you all . Enjoy!


    Aberrants- The Corrupted Ones.

    The line that defines angel and demon is a very fine one; hair thin and transparent in most cases. Should an Angel fail it's mission, or be prevented to perform it's mission, or succeed in their missions yet suddenly display shock or doubt in their actions- all it takes is one moment of something unexpected to happen in order to cause a loyal angel of the Machine to fall. These are not the only reasons a angel can fall, there are an infinite number of paths ( and ledges overlooking the figurative abyss) leading to one's fall from grace-though every journy end in one outcome: the angel losing it's immaterial form and being reborn within a cocoon of concrete reality.

    Exiles far little better, though many may still find their situation favorable to the terrifying uncertainty of falling and the problems of mortal existence. Either given open ended and everlasting missions that have no conclusion, a mission that was impossible to complete due to circumstances that the Machine did not factor into it's design, or faithfully performing one's duty yet being cut off from the Creator almost entirely- those who are called Exile stand upon a precipice from which their fate is unknown yet entirely within their hands.

    Despite that, both demons and exiles arguably remain fundamentally unchanged even with their differences; both are still aetheric beings who are closely connected to the God-Machine and it's designs regardless of the errors that may of led to them falling or being rendered exiled.

    Not so for the Aberrants. Rare to the point of being almost non-existent and utterly destructive to the world around them, the Corrupted Ones are one of the few entities that can force the Machine to place it's vendettas against the Unchained on hold long enough for brief cease-fires to occur as both angel and demon work together to destroy the abominations referred to as Aberrants. Though some rings prove to be hell bent on opposing the Machine to the point of protecting and even trying to use these monsters as weapons against the God-Machine either out of sheer rage against their creator or ignorance to the Aberrant's true nature, many others often wise up to the danger posed by the Corrupted Ones to put aside their differences and ( hoever briefly and reluctantly) aid their former master in destroying the misbegotten Aberrants.

    But to first understand what exactly the Aberrants are, one must first understand the definition of the very word to describe them. Something that is aberrant is different from what is normal, and diverges from what is often considered to be correct. At first this may give one pause, as it would be very reasonable to assume that by this definition that the Unchained are therefore Aberrants by merit that each and every one of them has fallen from their angelic state- clearly a definite aberration to what the Creator intended.

    Though not incorrect, it must also be noted that while falling is a divergence from what God planned ( usually), all angels possess the potential TO fall and become demons- and as such falling is an inherent possibility to angelic existence and therefore can be considered to be "normal". The circumstances that lead to an angel becoming exiled also follow the same principle as falling; while not a regular occurrence the possibility of any angel being assigned a mission that is either unachievable or similarly incomprehensible is great enough that it can also be considered "normal".

    Aberrants are rendered different from both demons and exiles at the moment of their very genesis. During the manufactoring or summoning of an angel who is doomed to become an Aberrant, a complication arises during it's creation, an error that is not corrected that leads to a malformation of said angel. Rather than being brought into the world as an angel who simply possesses a nonsensical goal or an angel who directly disobeys their directives and falls to the demonic state; an aberrant is warped by the act of the botched summoning/creation in such a traumatic way that it ceases to fully be an angel and becomes.. something else.

    How this occurs is almost impossible to discern, as the particulars of the angel's malformation is unique to each Corrupted One and the immense rarity of said creatures make studying them very difficult at best. Perhaps one of the insidious entities from the Abyss reached out with it's antithetical appendages and melded itself with the entirety of the angel's unformed being. Possibly one of the mysterious and unknowable Idigam discovered the angel's birthing creche and altered it's essence in accordance to it's inscrutable goals. Or maybe yet something even stranger occurred and caused the disruption needed to mutate the angel so. Regardless of how it happens, those who become Aberrants are at the same time both angel and something completely alien to anything an angel of the Machine or one of the Unchained are familiar with.

    Unable to Fall, possessing distorted/maddening missions, and possibly being damaged in ways that are beyond even the God-Machine's ability to repair; most Aberrants exist in a perpetual state of confusion and insanity. To no fault of their own, Aberrants truly have no place within the World of Darkness; their very presence causes Infrastructure to fail and reality to dismantle, wreaking havoc upon the world around them and are hunted by both demons and the Creator's agents with an intensity that makes an Hunter angel's pursuit of a demon look like a harmless and innocent game of tag in comparison.

    As dangerous as these Aberrants are, the threat that most pose on the world as a whole is very minimal, partly thanks to the effort that hunter-angels and their temporary demonic allies put into destroying those rare few Corrupted Ones who come into existence. As such while the small areas that these newborn monsters are found in are often devastated, they are often killed long before their presence affects much beyond the location of their "birth". The true danger, however, comes from not these confused infants but rather those blessedly scarce few Aberrants who have survived in a world that seeks to destroy them and have managed to achieve at least some level of clarity. For it is these abominations who often present the greatest threat, as they possess a malevolence borne of their nigh endless suffering- a malevolence they have no issue with unleashing upon any and everything thing that is around them.

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    Its funny looking back at this, Slivers pretty much are Aberrants.


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      Sorry to necro this, but do you have any ideas on how these would work from a crunch perspective? What makes them different from regular angels or exiles?


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        Originally posted by Geckopirateship View Post
        Sorry to necro this, but do you have any ideas on how these would work from a crunch perspective? What makes them different from regular angels or exiles?
        Very similar to Slivers actually, albeit with a strange "Incept" that is utilized to cause Infrastructure around the Aberrant to malfunction and break down.