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  • Acquiring Animal Covers

    It's been stated that the only way to obtain an animal (or stranger) form as a Cover is by Angel-Jacking. That said, if a demon has a means to meaningfully communicate with an animal, might it be possible to form pacts with them for Patch Jobs?

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    Well, the idea you can't form pacts with animals is a bit heavy handed in the first place is a bit questionable. It comes from the whole idea that humans are special in some way that animals aren't. Humans have souls that go to the supernal when they die. They don't have Hisil reflections. They can become vampires or awaken, while animals cannot. Likely, you can't make animal pacts because there might be something fundamental about the human that lets them work.

    Reality says that humans and animals don't have that split; there's nothing about humans that make them special beyond a combination of abilites that other animals have as well. However, the WoD does make a firm distinction. There's a hard line between animal and humans. Animals very specifically do not have souls. Just look at how large the difference between animal and human stigmatics are made.

    Pacts are made to trade soul bits. Which animals do not have. So, no, I don't think the intent is that animals can ever have pacts.

    As for angel jacking being the only way? I doubt that. There are exploits to turn you into a house, or an ephemeral body. Its not hard to envision an animal Exploit, and I really expect to see one in a further book. As well, animal like demon forms. The stance will probably change. I have nothing against animal pacts, though getting them to sign a name could be problematic. And getting them to understand a contract, which may be a bigger issue.

    Its possible animals and animal covers are so restrictive because of those story reasons rather than the whole soul thing, and that soul issue was all me. I mean, mixing animal traits with human aspects opens a whole can of worms that probably breaks their word count, and leads to questions like, "How the hell is someone patching in a pregnant dog lover with a human life and the God Machine having a HARDER time finding them?"
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      To be fair, they're called soul pacts, but the soul is never actually mentioned; at least, not in the same way as Mage speaks of removing souls. It might be more apt to say that a soul pact is more for the soul's place, rather than the soul itself. By the same token, lesser pacts aren't for 'bits of soul stuff', but streams of associated data.


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        There are parts of the book where it refers to pacts taking pieces of souls, not just places; it seems to be the intent. And every single game line has different ideas of what a soul -is-. Vampires disagree from what mages say, which disagree with changelings, which apparently disagree with demons.

        And, in any case, streams of associated data or not, its still stuff associated with a soul. And animals still don't have a soul, so there's no associated data to take. In reality, I don't agree with this stance, but it seems to hold true in WoD

        And, even then, it doesn't touch on animals not having signatures or understanding contracts like a human would, which is also a barrier. Or that God Machine powers affect humans differently than animals, meaning they're not interchangeable.

        Its not any one thing, but the weight of various things that seem to add up.

        I mean, if you want it in your game, go for it. I just don't really see it as being the default assumption, which I'm assuming we're talking about. Because, at the table, whatever the local ST says goes. It could do some interesting stories, so why not?