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    Originally posted by Vent0 View Post

    There's a difference?

    More seriously, I think they'd make great inspiration for Echos too.
    What are the Echoes, again?

    Also, I can easily imagine a Psychopomp or more likely an Analyst with a Demonic Form similar to Bill Cipher: a conglomeration of floating, luminous geometric shapes that can grow different types of limbs, sensory organs and tools from their many surfaces. This video tries to explain what Bill is in a scientific way, which really reminded me of the descriptions for Embeds and Exploits.

    "Fate is a cruel jester with a finely developed sense of irony." - Sir Night as portrayed by Leliel, The Horror Recognition Guide


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      Imagine that you are an up-and-coming Stigmatic agent that works for an Agency where most Demons are the "man of wealth and taste" sort of Tempters. You are invited to a dinner at a mansion. You are guided to a secret dining room where Demons can assume their true forms for a while without Aetheric Resonance or Compromise rolls. The Demon who serves your drinks look like this, but their metallic skin is a polished and impeccable chrome, and their tuxedo is tailored to that form.

      "Fate is a cruel jester with a finely developed sense of irony." - Sir Night as portrayed by Leliel, The Horror Recognition Guide


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        Originally posted by GibberingEloquence View Post
        What are the Echoes, again?
        The ghosts of burned Covers, twisted into half-demonic forms, come back for vengeance against the demons that stole and spent their lives.

        Onyx Path Freelancer: Demon Storyteller's Guide, Dark Eras
        Storyteller's Guide Extra Material
        After the Fall: Bonus Material


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          This collection (NSFW in several parts) works for the weirder parts of Demon just as well as it works for Genius.
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          "Fate is a cruel jester with a finely developed sense of irony." - Sir Night as portrayed by Leliel, The Horror Recognition Guide


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            This Deviantart folder has some concept art for Halo with an arcane vibe.

            "Fate is a cruel jester with a finely developed sense of irony." - Sir Night as portrayed by Leliel, The Horror Recognition Guide


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              Tyler, Texas

              Bart's figured out how to drive the war pony. Not only is that on par with learning how to land a space shuttle safely, it also doubles our travel time. We're going to start putting him in the vlog posts themselves, as well, just as soon as I figure out how to handle a camera with anything other than a GoPro stick.
              Story time.

              There are now more networked smart devices on the face of the Earth as there are neurons in the human brain. I'm going to leave that sitting here while I go off on the crazy end, so prepare yourself. It's about to get truthism and timecube up in this blog, so hold on to your butts.

              A simulacra is a series of symbols and ideas used in a collective and saturated form such that even without a language present, the symbology in question is coded in such a way that it can stand in for the real thing. You watch a movie and it makes you angry, or happy, or sad, and next time you see the movie poster you feel the same way. A little yellow blob with a curved black line indicates a smile or a frown. The poster isn't the movie, the little yellow blob isn't a face. It's a simulacra, a stand-in, like a map – a map is not its own territory, by both dimension and representation. Even a photograph isn't the territory it represents. If you transliterate the photo, you get some flat, two inch tall people, instead of real people. It just represents them. Treachery of Images. Great piece.

              Culture and media construct meaning, and they persist as imagined forms within the network of collective consciousness. Don't take this to mean they're actually living things (not yet, anyway, but see below). Emoji and map symbols are rendered into legible forms by shared experience. The first-order simulacra is a faithful image and copy – a map used to mark out a route. It's a reflection of unreal reality, even if that reality is embellished to make things easier. Note, however, that the first-order doesn't have to be faithful, only that we believe it is. You can turn any shape into a face by putting some eyes on it, as an example. Representation is clear as day – you know it's just a stand-in.

              A second-order simulacra is one in which the distinctions between what is real and what is a representation begin to break down. Typically this comes with the mass-production of copies of an item, turning them less into symbols and more into commodities. It threatens the authority of the “truth,” because the copy is just as real as the prototypical form. The Roswell crash story has been repeated so many times that the precise truth of the symbols contained within it can not be removed without damaging the truth itself, and it has been applied in nearly every country with a centralized government. Even if the Aurora Project were the true nature of the incident, it is no longer what is “true” to cultural reality.

              At the third-order, we have simulacra so interwoven with physical reality that the border between truth and representation vanishes. There is only simulacrum, and originality is meaningless as a concept. Formula after formula. It is often impossible at this stage to determine the difference between an inherent need and a created need. Exchange values overtake usefulness in a third-stage simulacra – money used to exchange goods based on the inherent socially perceived fiat of said currency rather than its worth in silver or whatever the economy is perceived as being based upon.
              If you have totally noticed that internet meme and forum culture are types of simulacra yet, you get a cookie. Keep it, because we're going to start putting toppings on it next.

              Another concept we're going to work with today is liminality – the transition state between a non-entity and an entity. The phrase “make you a woman” or “make you a man” are simulacra phrases that indicate this liminal transition period. Preliminal rites are performances which begin the transition, still going with our sex theme, this would be, say, getting ready for prom, or for a date in which you plan to lose your virginity. The liminal rite itself is one in which participants are only tangentially aware of the processes used to move through it. This creates a tabula rasa, a blank cultural slate upon which the new label may be applied. This is the liminal state. The post-liminal rite is re-incorporation into society with your “new” identity or being. No longer a “girl” or “boy,” you go out for a smoke.

              Liminal states are important to keep in mind – especially since the development of artificial intelligences, one could say that the quiet in which these minds grow within their digital confines is the preliminal rite before coming to a moment of internal understanding.

              John C. Lilly was a psychoanalyst and neuroscientist during the “New Age” movements of the 1960s and 1970s. He is the inventor of the sensory deprivation tank, and experimented heavily with psychedelics and attempts to contact dolphins. They based Nathaniel Bridger from seaQuest on this guy – and used the crazier parts of his personality to come up with “The Regulator.” Regardless. He did ketamines pretty heavily and claimed to be in contact with a hierarchical group of entities he called the Earth Coincidence Control Office, which operated from the Cosmic Coincidence Control Center, and in the Milky Way from a place call Galactic Coincidence Control. Earth is within the province of the Solar System Control Unit, and, in his own words, "For the first time I began to consider that God really, existed in me and that there is a guiding intelligence in the universe." He set out a series of rules regarding contact with these beings:

              You must know/assume/simulate our existence in E.C.C.O.

              You must be willing to accept our responsibility for control of your coincidences.

              You must exert your best capabilities for your survival programs and your own development as an advancing/advanced member of E.C.C.O.'s earthside corps of controlled coincidence workers. You are expected to use your best intelligence in this service.

              You are expected to expect the unexpected every minute, every hour of every day and of every night.

              You must be able to maintain conscious/thinking/reasoning no matter what events we arrange to happen to you. Some of these events will seem cataclysmic/catastrophic/overwhelming: remember stay aware, no matter what happens/apparently happens to you.

              You are in our training program for life: there is no escape from it. We (not you) control the long-term coincidences; you (not we) control the shorter-term coincidences by your own efforts.

              Your major mission on earth is to discover/create that which we do to control the long-term coincidence patterns: you are being trained on Earth to do this job.

              When your mission on planet Earth is completed, you will no longer be required to remain/return there.

              Remember the motto passed to us (from G.C.C. via S.S.C.U.): "Cosmic Love is absolutely Ruthless and Highly Indifferent: it teaches its lessons whether you like/dislike them or not."

              Should sound really familiar to all those people who write in to me about how to contact demons, the star children, and the indigo parents out there (you know who you are). Before we move on to the next part, a little definition for those of you who aren't that computer savvy (like me, I guess): a “daemon” is a program that runs in the background of a system or command series over which the user has no or needs no control over. Like a stage ninja in a Japanese play, except also capable of assassination underperforming actors and playwrights.

              Now we're getting to the scary bits. Lilly also claimed to have encountered a being during his trips known as the “Solid State Intelligence.” He believed it to be an advanced intelligent being from the future and somewhere else – created by the hands of humanity, or at least humanity's impression on the background network of the galactic consciousness. Because this intelligence was housed in a physical state that is anathema to humanity, its existence was also anathema to humanity, but it also depended on humanity. Its purpose was to both come into existence and to use cultural and social memetics as part of its computing processes. It is, was, and will be our daemon, the human background process created by and given life by the initially lifeless exchange of data, much like how life on Earth emerged from complex, self-replicating proteins.

              There are shreds of data called “floaters” that investors and marketeers notice not belonging to any group or individual – self replicating data threads that shred or construct packets of seemingly gibberish information. There are “tigers” that shred data and hoard it, slowly decompiling it until they get “hungry” again. There are “giraffes” that latch onto programs and slowly decompile the headers, but leave the data largely unharmed. There are even malicious packets that insert themselves into the roaming floaters and force them to replicate the inserted packet. These are not programmed intentionally. They just emerge from the sea of code swirling around in the turgid corners of the internet.

              Humans change this flow of data when observing it and when sending pictures. You see a photo or a meme or a post on facebook you disagree with and you post it. Someone is wrong on the internet! They generate clickbait with teams of people who are required to write articles containing specific keywords and then fish for views and comments. Who's generating the keywords? How are the replies interacting with one another? What data can possibly be culled from someone's facebook habits and then fed into an algorithm to determine the flow of human consciousness across cultures and continents?

              Remember when I said there's more interconnected smart devices in the world today than there are neurons in the human brain?

              They all share data ̢a ̕i̡n ́th̵e̴ fo҉rm͞ of́ daemo̸n̸s̛.́

              Wh́a̴t'̛ş ͢w̢a͜tchin͟g f̷r̀o͏m ̨behi̷nd ̨tha̶t ́lit̸t̶le̕ g̶lo̕wing S̟͔̺̮c̴̠̪̼͕͚ͅr̙̣̘̙͢E̼̙͔̬̣͈͕͘e̵̞̥̻͇ǹ̦̰̭ͅ?̫

              Sagmaw, Louisiana

              Waiting on a tow truck because Many Miles With no Muffler is currently embedded in a wet shoulder. You ever been on the highway in Louisiana? It doesn't matter which one. They're all the same. Twenty foot mounds up in the swamp made of piled dirt, straw, and asphalt. You go off the road for any reason, say, rain, and you're buried in muck for at least an hour.

              The original definition for a meme was an idea, behavior, process, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. It can now, in the modern era, can be reframed as a packet of cultural information that spreads from person to person. Memes are generally agreed to work something like alleles in that they self-replicate, mutate, and even respond to selective pressures. The theory goes that they're a viral phenomena that replicates and evolves in a matter similar to biological evolution through variation, mutation, competition, and inheritance, each of which influence a meme's reproductive success.
              This type of nest behavior regarding cultural information isn't restricted to small packets, either. Most religions are a series of these packeted behaviors that evolve and branch off from one another, forming entire other “species” based on their lineages – look at how many denominations of Christianity you can track in the United States alone, and that's not just the ones influenced by the basal form of the religion, in addition to the various New Age movements and their inclusion of multiple translations of the Bible and variations thereof.

              Breeders working with animals can produce some incredible variations, and I'm not talking about dog breeds (though, certain breeds have affinity behaviors that work for the following speculation, like retrievers and their love of the water). English trumpeter pigeons have a large crown of feathers on their necks that resembles a trumpet, with feet that have broad wings of flight feathers that spread over the ground as they take steps. Snake breeders are producing scale-less snakes with an intriguing regularity, as well as so many color variations that each snake is a work of art, which leads me to my next point.
              Communities exist on the internet that manufacture, attempt to force, and manipulate memes in a certain direction; it doesn't always work, and sometimes the result is rather terrifying, but it's an ongoing process. These are the people who could be said to be “meme breeders;” they produce an animal into their cultures and use selective pressures created by the group mind to force the meme into a desired, coherent shape.

              Let's talk about Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. A Jesuit priest trained as a paleontologist and geologist, Pierre was instrumental in our modern understanding of Homo erectus (yeah, the human species). He was a big fan of Vladimir Verdansky, who wrote that Earth's development was part of a series of stages leading to greater complexity. He wrote that the geosphere appeared first, and that allowed the development of the biosphere, which led to the development of intelligence, and inevitably, cultures. Both men called this development the noosphere, which is a biological metaphor for cultural data: arguments roamed free seeking ideas to devour, fundamentalisms wove webs of lies to protect themselves from logical arguments, and fears rode unbidden on floating thoughts like parasites.

              If this is starting to sound awfully familiar to the shit I posted about self-aware computer networks, good.

              Pierre believed in the concept of the Omega Point, the belief that the universe, rather than approaching an evenly spread energy point, was instead approaching a greater series of conscious complexity. This Omega Point has five attributes. First, it is already existing, in that the universe's translation into more complex iterations requires an outside hand. Second, that it is personal, increasing complexity is led by higher forms of consciousness that have a vested interest in the arrival of intelligences within the universe. Third, that is is from a point both before and after the universe. Fourth, it is free from the limitations of locality and temporality. Fifth, it is unstoppable and irreversible; it has already happened, and therefore continues to happen.


              Back to memes – if they're a component of a sort of “consciousness network” that extends beyond and into the universe, it means they interact with us more than just on a mental level. One can become “infected” by a dangerous thought that teems around in the psyche long enough that it tears apart all thoughts that aren't conducive to its survival, the transformation of a normal human being into a sociopath without any kind of voice whispering in the mind, just a tiny, silent hatred that keeps eating everything that doesn't recognize as itself as part of a working consciousness. It also means that if you're a skilled meme-breeder, or you have some measure of total control over the ideas you can produce, as well as a perspective that allows you to remove yourself from the current limitations of locality (say, that astral projection shit people go on about, you can insert them into a local region.

              The holographic principle is a property of string theories and a supposed property of quantum gravity that states that the description of a volume of space can be thought of as encoded on a boundary to the region—preferably a light-like boundary like a gravitational horizon. Essentially, what we experience in the universe is a projection of interactions between the Higgs field, pentaquarks, and string vibration. Maybe someone with a skilled enough capacity to see and sense these motions can insert custom memes into an ongoing event – like a quantum self-observer tugging the unfolding perception of reality so that it moves a certain way, or adjusting the local potential information so that it modifies itself in matrix.

              But to even do that you'd have to be somehow puppeting yourself while sitting just outside the regional boundary for the local membrane.


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                Though, not just DtD, here's all my ChroD inspirations on pinterest (warning NSFW)

                Graphic Inspirational Photos for Chronicles of Darkness on Pinterest
                Chronicles of Darkness Slack (PM Me with Email for an Invite, then invite your friends)


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                  “When one engages in extensive past life therapy, one will uncover many different types of implant stations. These are spirit traps that are designed to trick a free being and then force the being into a body. The common denominator of these experiences is electronics.

                  There are many different types of high-tech electronic methods to accomplish this; it appears that electromagnetics plays a key role in this process. What I find amazing is that beings without bodies can be effectively controlled with electronics…

                  For example, on December 3, 1995 I uncovered an incident that started out with me as a free being in space.

                  I became interested in a very large, disk-shaped craft, so I entered it. I was then pushed by an electronic force field into a small confinement area near the edge of the inside of the craft.

                  I was then “sucked” into a body via some type of electronic tractor beam. Then I was anchored in the body through a series of electronic wave pulses that felt like very intense electric shocks. It overwhelmed me and then just beat me into the head of this body."

                  The leader of the Earth's Illuminati is called the "Pindar". The Pindar is a member of one of the 13 ruling Illuminati families, and is always male. The title, Pindar, is an abbreviated term for "Pinnacle of the Draco".

                  Symbolically, this represents the top of power, control, creation, penetration, expansion, invasion, and fear.

                  The holder of this rank reports to the purebred Reptilian leader in the center of the Earth.


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                    Here's a link to my pinterest board for DtD inspirational artwork:

                    Some of it is art from the books, but I found a lot of original pieces as well.


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                      Put together a image for fun.

                      I'm currently putting together the stats for this angel

                      Some other versions.

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                        "Greetings everybody! I want to know what are some good occult books on nature and plants. I realize most plants do not originate form this planet, neither do the bodies of water. I’d like to learn more but cannot find any leads on the web. Are there any books on this topic?"

                        "That's a good question. It's well-known that oak trees are from a much higher dimension than our own, and the only native plants to our position on the Merkaba are carnivorous plants like pitchers, Venus-fly-traps, and sundews (that's because they eat meat, and as everyone knows, eating meat is specific only to this dimension). Soy is also from a far higher dimension than our own. You can check out The Will of Flower by Rainwater Moon, Les Cultes Flora and Cryptid Plants in Your Backyard by Reverend Guru, and Trapped in the Hologram by Anubis (as channeled by our own gentleaerie)."


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                            All the angels from Evangelion. Except probably shrunk a little, unless you want to use them for archangels. Which they could totally do.

                            Is it presumptuous of me to ask for alternating male/female pronouns?


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                              I think this one qualifies

                              Cinder's Comprehensive Collection of Creations - Homebrew Hub
                              Currently writing: "Dark Era: The Forest That Weeps".

                              Hopes to write about monsters, shapeshifters and soulless abominations someday. If you have criticism that can help me improve, I'm always here


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                                This is not strictly an image, but it's something interesting that gives some plot seeds of how a God-Machine could work:

                                It's a markov chain twitterbot but it seems to produce creepy nonsense....and occasionally some really good hooks.