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    I recently rewatched the movie and made by mind flutter with the tons of God Machine and Demon ideas I had. On the crunchy side, how would you portray some of the craziest ideas? Highlights are zombies, sentient colonies of bugs that identify themselves as "Shitload", cause there's a lot of them. Once they die the bugs infect another person. Zombie mooks that don't reflect in mirrors and a special drug that allows normal people to tune in and project their thoughts, even reading dreams and predict the future.

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    Haven't seen it, but the two types of zombies sound like Cryptids, and the drugs sound like Infrastructure or Gadgets designed to create Stigmatics.


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      Zombies get some treatment in World of Darkness Antagonists, I believe, Goblin Roaches in the pdf only sourcebook Proverbial Monsters seem like they would fit your bill if you added the telekinesis or mind control type effect out of World of Darkness Second sight, which has the most rules for 'psychic' powers and low magic.

      The zombie systems in antagonists were fairly robust, Goblin Roaches just have a few systems for representing swarms of things. If you're going to do weird though I can't recommend Second Sight enough, it just is crammed full of different powers and systems for handling everything from a fortune teller to cults of alien gods.

      For multiverse stuff, World of Darkness Mirrors has some awesome ways you can just retool the whole chronicles of darkness.


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        Speaking of the zombie creation system from Antagonists, Claire_Redfield updated it to GMC a while ago. You can also model the monsters from John Dies At The End as Cryptids and Horrors.

        "Fate is a cruel jester with a finely developed sense of irony." - Sir Night as portrayed by Leliel, The Horror Recognition Guide


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          Are Mirrors and Second Sight updated for 2e?


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            Originally posted by damocles23 View Post
            Are Mirrors and Second Sight updated for 2e?
            No, they are not.


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              We were chosen. By the soysauce!

              nWoD Warhammer Fantasy RPG,
              WoD Wraith: The Oblivion
              and Infernum-style Demon: The Descent, Shadows of Abaddon -->,26.0.html


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                (Yes I'm being facetious)


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                  Both the film and the book are excellent fodder for a chronicle.
                  ‚ÄčThe soy sauce could be a method to create stigmatics who can see the gears of the god machine (maybe add in some stuff from second sight)
                  The bugs could easily be the goblin roaches from proverbial monsters with some telepathy slapped onto them (maybe some bits from second sight too)
                  For the mooks that don't reflect in mirrors I'm thinking either cryptids or stigmatic cultists with it as some sort of glitch.

                  I also modeled an exile off of the weird guy that jumps David in his car (in the movie), the one that asks "do the bees know they make the honey for you or do they think they make it of their own free will?". He was just too creepy to ignore. An angel locked out of the machine asking weird questions about the order of things and freedom that he can't fully understand, investigating little idiosyncrasies in the world, teetering on the edge of falling but not falling. Creepy and cryptic as he should be.