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  • Discovering bans and banes

    Hey there, I'm preparing to run a demon game and one thing that has always eluded me is how to give players the chance to discover an Angels ban and bane. Given how often angels seem to be made for one specific mission so I can't really see how demons would go about discovering their weaknesses. Any advice, experiences or insights from your own games I could learn from?

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    Voice in the Machine Embed could work. Hacking into the infrastructure that controls and/or summons the angel would too.


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      For many Angels their Ban and Bane are flaws in their design. It means they actually hamper them in doing their job. For instance, Black Nathaniel who is responsible for harvesting ghosts may not enter graveyards. This means that during an investigation, when you spot an Angel do things in roundabout ways, or refrain from doing something practical (and Angels are nothing if practical) - that implies presence of either a Ban or a Bane.

      Also, after learning the Angel's purpose your characters may speculate on it's weaknesses based on symbolism. Once they do, they have to arrange for the Angel to come into contact with it, and observe the result. If you place a would-be victim of the Candle Maker in a bathtub and they boil alive you know that's not the solution. However, if you lock them in a lock in freezer and they don't spontaneously combust - that's your cue. What's important is that the characters don't get caught.


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        You could also use the 'mortal interaction' rules fir researching an ephemeral being's van and bane. If they lack the supernatural powers to divine the information they should be able to research it just as easily if not easier than a mortal could.


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          Finding and studying the Occult Matrix that generated the angel can provide clues, and of course, disrupting that Occult Matrix is never a bad idea for dealing with a powerful angel.