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  • Splinter and Stigmatic questions


    I have a lot of questions about splinters/stigmatics, and would like some help answering them:
    1. Can characters with a template be stigmatics? (Splintered City seems to imply that one mage is one)
    2. Inside a Splinter can an inhabitant gain a template (awaken, first change, etc) and the effects will be permanent across reboots?
    3. Does a character from outside a splinter remember the reboots? (A werewolf enters the splinter and is erased with the reboots? A regular human?
    4. A character from outside a splinter ages with each restart or is restored to the condition he/she entered the splinter?
    5. Can you take something (objects or people) from the splinter to the real world?
    6. If I use an X months splinter, have X months passed on the real world or when exiting do I return to the same date in the real world that I entered?
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    1. Maybe. Stigmatics are really just a specific flavor of Mortal With Supernatural Merit(s) and baked-in Unseen Senses (God-Machine). They even mostly just get normal Supernatural Merits. While you aren't supposed to retain those upon gaining a major template, I suppose exceptions could exist.
    2. Up to the ST. Splinters are mostly a Demon thing, which doesn't concern itself overmuch with other splats. I could see it going either way (they can't because they didn't, or they can because nothing is stopping it).
    3. Are outside characters erased with Reboots? I'd be inclined to think outsiders are either ejected upon reset, or just remain, since they aren't part of the Splinter (IE the Splinter's temporal reset is limited to natives of the Splinter).
    4. I'd say if they remain/remember, they age normally as well (see above for reasoning).
    5. Maybe? I don't see why not. But then, that can lead to issues regarding "nativity" and conservation of matter...
    6. Depends on how the entry point is set up? I mean, on the one hand X months didn't actually pass (or they did, but already in the past). On the other hand, yes, to you, they did. I'd rule it as very contingent on the Splinter and entry point's nature, and not make a blanket ruling. If Storytelling, pick some rulings and stick with them, but allow for different rulings if the criteria change.

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      If you're applying time splinters to your own, original setting, then all the related answers are totally up to you as the ST. However, as specifically related to the information relayed in the Seattle setting...

      1. RAW - the Supernatural Merits available to humans are lost upon the acquisition of another major/minor template. Get Embraced, become a ghoul, Awaken, and all those merits vanish (but you get he dots back, yay SoM!). However, a Stigmatic who became a Mage would certainly remember being a Stigmatic, and may still involve him/herself with G-M related matters.
      2. I would say that someone native to the splinter would lose the template upon the reset. If someone in the 1999 splinter gets Embraced, they'd be human again on the reset, as that event hasn't happened to them yet. As for someone non-native to the splinter, I'd say it would persist. Could be an interesting wrinkle if someone went into the 1932 splinter, got Embraced, then went back to the present, their sire being a vampire that's died since then...
      3. If you're from the main timeline, and you're inside a splinter when it resets, you remember whatever happened to you on the last trip through. I imagine it functioning kind of like Groundhog Day, honestly. This is necessary for the Seattle splinters, as you can't leave the '99 splinter between New Year's Day and the reset.
      4. You age along with your native timeline. When I ran Seattle before, I created a time chart with the present timeline in one column, and the corresponding dates in the various splinters in the others. It was very helpful.
      5. I don't remember the book mentioning this explicitly, but I imagine you certainly could.
      6. See my mention of the time-chart in #4.

      Like I said, these answers pertain specifically to Seattle, but if you're creating your own splinters for your own setting, then the rules of how those splinters function in relation to the dominant timeline and each other is completely up to you.


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        While rules as written a stigmatic would lose their template when gaining another one, by word of god, they'd retain the template but lose access to whatever other supernatural merits they might have bought unless the new template can also access supernatural merits, similar to how a wolfblood loses their template but retains their tell if they gain another template.

        So if you want a supernatural with unseen sense- godmachine, a glitch, and that omen sensitivity thing, then go for it.


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          That almost brings to mind a mixed supernatural support group of former Stigmatics.

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          "Hi, Carl."
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