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Eliminator Cannon and the Hurt Locker Rules Questions

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  • Eliminator Cannon and the Hurt Locker Rules Questions

    I've been looking over the rules a bit for a crossover game coming up after my group finishes this arc of DnD, incorporating some of the new rules for weapons and equipment from the Hurt Locker book in development. I've been eyeing using the Eliminator Cannon to put the hurt on some angels when the time comes, probably with the help of the Hellfire Exploit, but the issue that I'm having problems with is the lack of a Force characteristic for the explosives generated by the Eliminator Cannon and unsure on what exactly I should do with it. Maybe use the Force value for Standard or Heavy Frag Grenades? I don't know.

    I'm also concerned with whether or not I'm interpreting the rules correctly in regards to actually using the weapon, for as far as I understood until now it operates like a standard attack, but reading the older edition of World of Darkness that the Eliminator Cannon cites (p.179) makes no mention of adding successes to the damage of thrown or launched explosives, unlike the newer rules that state launchers add successes but do not state whether thrown explosives do or not.

    It's all kind of a jumble that I can't seem to fully wrap my head around, and any insight would be very much welcome. Thanks.