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Mythology-inspired Demon character idea: The Tempter-Teacher Tires of Terror

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  • Mythology-inspired Demon character idea: The Tempter-Teacher Tires of Terror

    It's the common understanding among some that Demons exist to tempt the wicked (and sometimes even the good) with their vices, and thus lead them to either ruin of repentance. Some have observed that this would seem counterproductive to Satan's supposed desire to overthrow god and rule earth, and they have wondered whether demons might actually serve god's purposes: showing the faithful and faithless alike the corrupting and ruinous nature of sin, so as to scare them back on the path of piety.

    Now, some vampires and Beasts explicitly claim to follow this path, as do a few Integrators, but it's not a common task for the God-Machine's actual servants. Not common, but not unheard of. The Carnal Carnival was created specifically to tempt and teach, sculpted into an idealized human form out of tubes of glowing neon. The Carnival rarely appeared in this form, however, often using shapeshifting to turn into people and even objects designed to present their target with a perfectly tailored temptation.

    For a long time, the Carnival, an unusually clever and self aware angel, believed that what it did was for the best. After all, were its targets not sinners? Did many of them not change their ways after a brush with doom? But after a series of faulty memory wipes, doubts began to accumulate. Why did the Carnival have to ruin a brilliant scientist's reputation when her work could have saved millions, simply because she was a bit arrogant? Why did it have to strike a loving family man down with boils and disease simply because he indulged a bit excessively in food? In time, the Carnival realized that it was not sent after just anyone in the grip of vice. No, the Carnival's lessons always boiled down to three principles: don't be too happy, don't ask too many questions, and don't try to change the world. It was the last one that caused it to Fall, when the Carnival was sent to lure a civil rights leader into an ambush to punish him for his wrath. The Carnival instead saved the man, teleporting him away and turning its powers on his would-be assailants.

    Now, the Carnival (now known as Carl Barnum) works as a therapist, specializing in those with scrupulosity, eating disorders, and similar conditions. The Carnival preaches not excess, but confidence and self-care. It thinks of itself no longer as a teacher but as a servant of humanity.

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    This one gives me warm, fuzzy feelings. I like them and I really wish I had a magical demon therapist (preferably without needing to live in the Chronicles of Darkness world)

    A god is just a monster you kneel to. - ArcaneArts, Quoting "Fall of Gods"