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[Homebrew] Demon-specific Conditions and Tilts

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  • [Homebrew] Demon-specific Conditions and Tilts

    Yet another Homebrew compilation thread. This time for Demon-specific (as opposed to the more general Homebrew Conditions thread in the main forum) Conditions and Tilts.


    Angelic Attention
    You've become "interesting" to the God-Machine and Its assets, and are under passive surveillance to learn more. This doesn't have any direct effect, though Unchained and others opposed to the God-Machine might avoid you (or move to eliminate you).
    Resolution: You either go one week without displaying any signs of what first drew the Machine's attention (getting the incident written off as a fluke), or confirm yourself as the source of the incident and worth more in depth study (in which case, resolve this Condition and apply another appropriate one).


    Gaze of the Machine (Environmental)
    Effect: The God-Machine has turned its awareness more directly toward the location. Compromise rolls suffer a -2 penalty, and Angels (except Exiles) gain a +2 bonus to perception rolls. Even non-Demon characters may get flagged as "interesting" if they stand out in the Scene.
    Causing the Tilt: Arose the suspicions of a Rank 3+ Angel in the scene, 4 Compromise rolls failing in the same scene, being in a Facility.
    Ending the Tilt: End the reason for an Angel's suspicion, go 4 turns without any obviously supernatural effect or Compromise rolls, exiting the Facility.

    Where Angels Fear To Tread (Environmental)
    Effect: Something has happened in the area that has caused the God-Machine to pull its resources and awareness from there. Compromise rolls receive a +2 bonus, and Angels suffer a general -2 penalty to actions for operating inside the restricted space.
    Causing the Tilt: Destroying a combined 15 Ranks worth of Angels without obvious cause, causing a major Concealment Infrastructure meltdown, getting outside actors to foil all Occult Matrix effort in the area for one month.
    Ending the Tilt: Locate and eliminate the reason for Angelic destruction, establish Infrastructure in the area for at least a week, assets in the area get co-opted by the Machine (such as forming or joining a God-Machine Cult

    Malkydel: "And the Machine dictated; let there be adequate illumination."
    Yossarian: "And lo, it was optimal."