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Mr Robot, Demon the Decent and possession question

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  • Mr Robot, Demon the Decent and possession question

    I was watching Mr Robot and it got me thinking. Well season 2 got me thinking about it more. What is Mr Robot is a game of demon the decent that is following a demon slowly becoming possessed by a demon from the inferno.

    Can demons in demon the decent become possessed ?

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    There doesn't seem to be anything explicitly preventing it. Yes, this means Demons (Unchained) can be possessed by demons (Inferno), or Angels, for that matter. Unchained seem oddly vulnerably against Twilight entities in general (baring Exploits like Ephemeral Cover). Which also means, an Unchained might turn the tables on an Infernal and become a Demon (Unchained) masquerading as a demon (Infernal). Note that both have the ability to completely lie to the other, unless otherwise stated.

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