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  • Originally posted by Taidragon View Post
    Thank you for the comprehensive answers.

    I do have another question though; should Gadgets be considered for the sanctity of merits? While one doesn't pay experience for them directly, the willpower dot does cost one experience to regain. Therefore, couldn't they be used as a means of acquiring merits by way of trading, merits which would count under the sanctity of merits? Or is a gadget exempt due to the willpower dot's cost not falling under paying an experience dot for the gadget itself, thus meaning if the gadget is stolen and or destroyed by an NPC the experience dot is effectively lost?
    Well, Gadgets do offer other advantages over possessing the Embeds/Exploits directly - they can be given to others, do things the base power can't (Near Field effects), and most important for Exploited Gadgets, they don't cause Compromise (inherently).

    For temporary loss (like loaning it out), I wouldn't do anything. But if they are sinking XP into Gadgets and loose them, You could "refund" them 1XP.
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