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A few sample gizmos for a God-Machine cult

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  • A few sample gizmos for a God-Machine cult

    Exactly what it says. The rules are blue book, though, so you could drop these into any chronicle that needed some weird science artifacts.

    High-Tech Prosthetic Limb ••: This limb functions as well as an organic limb. In addition, a prosthetic arm gives +1 Brawl dice (this does not stack, so someone with two prosthetic arms does not get two extra dice), and the wearer does not suffer a Defense penalty when fighting unarmed against a weapon-wielding opponent. Theoretically, these benefits could apply to a prosthetic leg, if the player specifies that their character is using it to kick and the character knows leg-based martial arts techniques. Additionally, a character with two advanced prosthetic legs receives +1 speed.

    Quicksilver Fingers •-•••: This device consists of either a modification made to a prosthetic limb or a thin lattice of wires worn like a glove. Each version grants a bonus to Dexterity actions using the hands equal to the rank of the version.

    Multitool •• or ••••: The multitool is a versatile device capable of unfolding into numerous implements. The two-dot version is roughly twice the size of a Swiss Army knife, and contains a variety of common engineering tools, meaning that the user gets the dice bonus for quality equipment so long as they are working on a mechanical engineering project that the device could conceivably have a tool for. The four dot version is the size of a large toolbox and applies this bonus to any engineering involving Infrastructure or anything that could be described as "weird science" (but still qualifies as mechanical engineering). The two dot multitool can be used as a 0L knife while the four dot tool can be used to effectively duplicate the effects of any power tool (see Slasher for rules for using power tools as weapons).

    Mindcomm •: Any one of a wide variety of internal communications devices, which allows the character to send and receive messages mentally. This version is only capable of interfacing with other communicators of the same time, and can likely be controlled by any higher-ranking members of the organization that created it.

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    Nice, low-level cybernetics. Very fitting for Machine Cults. What about more "miraculous" (in the venue of Clark's third law) gifts?

    Malkydel: "And the Machine dictated; let there be adequate illumination."
    Yossarian: "And lo, it was optimal."


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      You might also consider taking a look at Demon: The Descent's Storyteller's Guide.

      It has a bunch of Enhancements like these.

      Darkframe - Crossover setting that puts Chronicles of Darkness in the far future that is Warframe.

      "The weeping in the world will not decrease if we do not weep together."