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Fallen Angels: Example Angels as Demons

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  • Fallen Angels: Example Angels as Demons

    I haven't really seen this in another topic but the concept is intriguing to me. I am not as versed on Demon but I know that with the right (or improper) conditions any of the God-Machine's Angels could Fall.

    Taking the examples of Angels from the GMC and DtD books (like Black Nathaniel, Triage, Mirror Vulture and The Candle Maker) how would you stat them out as a Demon character? What circumstances led them to their descent and how have they moved on from that? What are their Agendas, their Ciphers, their goals?

    As a writing exercise I'd suggesting capping their Primum between 1 and 3 to represent a character just getting used to life unshackled from the God-Machine.

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    I have toyed with the Black Nathaniel Falling as Demon, but I've never made stats for him other than him being an Integrator. I may write it down for this thread- it sounds fun

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      Lemme start with some fluff. Figures that living graffiti would become a street artist and proud alley cat. Hence her name.

      Dame Alley, Fomer Polis Man:

      Catalyst: Pride in creation. Due to a glitch in her programming, Alley developed the ability to appreciate art she had merged with, both the quality and, due to her ability to read Resonance (so she could analyze who was trying to cross splinters, natch), the passion that went into it. In time, she started to make graffiti of her own, try to impress the human artists herself-only for her incorporation of Machine designs to expose an entry into a hidden splinter. Alley was given the ultimatum of quitting with the designs or leaving her post. She chose the latter, more furious that the God-Machine hadn't just told her to be more covert than anything.

      Agenda: Tempter. Alley is very much of the "shut up and let me live my life" wing of the Builders, wishing nothing more than to tend to her gang of outcasts, work on her skills and maybe make a Cover of a professional artist, and make love with her boyfriend when the mood strikes her (one of said graffiti artists who awakened her passion, and took her in when he encountered the recently Fallen, very lost Alley hiding in a sewer. Yes, a member of her Ring won a bet when they discovered Alley did indeed do the Typical Tempter Tussle with him). Her ideal life being a satisfied street rat does make her an ace in the hole for her lodge, though-nobody sees the runaways. But the runaways see them-and they see far beyond the surface.

      Incarnation: Guardian, same as any other Polis Man.

      Cipher: Alley is all about how art affects the mind and inflames the emotion, but also has a deep anger towards people who would stop free expression, hence why she just doesn't hunker down and let the world go on about her-discovering that something is destroying the right to creative expression, well she can't have that. Her Cipher revolves around communication and the removal of barrier to communication-its core message is "Inspiration is the mother of transformation,"
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        And another:

        Agent Melancholia, Remorseful Destroyer of Worlds

        Contamination. One of the scientists working on the Scarlet Plague project was actually an Offspring, something Serotonin discovered far too late. An enraged parent and the biologist throwing off its influence later, Serotonin found itself with that bane of all genocidal angels, the ability to emphasize with its hosts-and fully understanding the pain it put them through. A few choice words from a group of soldiers who had encountered the God-Machine before later, it had a nervous breakdown and paused in its task to collect its thoughts-which the Machine interpreted as unacceptable to the overall goal of eradicating humanity and provoking a Fall. With Serotonin came a significant portion of the genetic Infrastructure that had called it, resulting in a sudden remission of Scarlet Plague symptoms among 80% of surviving patients, restoring fertility. Now, the Agent walks a world rising from the ashes-a phoenix that was never supposed to be.

        Agenda: Saboteur. This is almost entirely the product of his own guilt-the sudden development of an actual altruistic instinct combined with his already existing trepidation nearly drove the former Serotonin to down his own poisons right then and there, only talked out of it by redirecting his sorrow and self-loathing. He's the very embodiment of a berserker Thug-one who doesn't care if he survives or not, just taking down as much of the God-Machine as he can. To him, being destroyed while saving others isn't a bug, but an end goal.

        Incarnation: Psychopomp-Serotonin was more of a hidden facilitator than a direct agent of annihilation.
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          Thought this would be more popular. Oh well;

          Lord Crow, Eater of the Undead

          : Mercy. The Mirror Vulture, for all of his callousness, was never a cruel entity or even a hostile one, just aloof. It wasn't his business to pry into the lives of returned people, and while he did leave massive injuries when scanning them, in truth he was just looking for Lucien McJack without having any idea of who or what Lucien was. During a long stock of one of the returned humans due to no flaw on his part (the guy was a social butterfly, and the Vulture didn't want to expose himself), he made the observation of how happy he was with his family, how much of their life had been repaired by their father coming back. Thus, when he finally did find Lucien McJack, he realized to his horror that fixing the glitch the intruder caused would break the mechanism of that family, and Machine knows how many, all over again. So he didn't return Lucien to the grave, and the Machine disallowed the future Lord Crow from returning to it.

          Agenda: Integrator. Lucien was and remains a remorseless monster, one that broke several other families in the process-and Crow is fully aware that he let the intruder continue to victimize the world. To be frank, Crow wants to let the hunter-angels deconstruct and recycle him; he feels that the fault entirely lies with himself for being unable to weigh cost-benefit analysis correctly. The only reason he hasn't yet is because he's worried the God-Machine has written off McJack as a lost cause, and so he feels obligated to complete his mission and fix the Infrastructure before being returned. His Ring, however, is working on convincing him that it's not entirely his fault-he wasn't programmed to work outside of his narrow purpose, and so it might be better to stay long enough to help angels think outside the box...

          Incarnation: Destroyer. Unsurprisingly given he was a search-and-destroy probe, Lord Crow is very much a Sword in both body and thought.

          Cipher: The open eye is the weapon of creation and destruction.Lord Crow's Cipher revolves around him learning to fully understand the consequences and context of his actions instinctively, learning to never make another hubristic and reckless mistake like that again.