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How much do the freshly fallen know?

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  • How much do the freshly fallen know?

    Presuming you aren't actively a Hunter angel, which means your current mission has nothing to do with Demons. How much do you know about your condition? the story in STG (Hanriel?) seems to suggest you might not even be entirely aware that you've fallen. Are you innately aware of pacts? Aether in general? are you aware of Compromise? that you'll be hunted? I'm trying to figure out what you have to learn from what you'll know (since I'm going to have players fall as part of an introduction).

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    The general feeling I got is that when freshly fallen, you don't know squat. Not even embeds, they are listed as being 'remembered' over time. I believe there is a passage somewhere that mentions that a lot of fallen angels are actually found by hunter angels almost immediately, particularly those who do not have enough of a cover to start with it at 7. The PCs and other Demons are meant to be the ones who are found by other Demons and otherwise survive.

    I'd say you either have to be taught all of the things or learn through trial and error.

    For the specific ones:

    Pacts: Most likely must be taught, could figure it out on accident though.
    Aether: Can be sensed right away, but figuring out what it is and how to use it would take time and effort.
    Compromise: You can feel your Cover be investigated or eroding, so I'd say you would notice it the moment it is threatened.
    Hunted: Not if you didn't know about Demons and hunter angels before the Fall. Doesn't mean you wont fear the wrath of the God Machine though.

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      It would be an entirely personal thing and make sense on a case by case basis. There would be situations where the rush of emotions and lack of oversight would compel them to a rapid understanding of their new situation, while some would have prior knowledge depending on their duties (or how much survived a recycling or stasis process).

      I would think that "ignorant" Demons are unlikely to become player characters unless a mentor adopts them quite quickly after they fall (or were the ones who caused them to fall in the first place) - Demons who are ignorant of how their world is will act out of cover and risk entanglements with other Angels unknowingly - they'll end up destroyed or reclaimed very quickly.

      In terms of the less obvious things, like Aether and pacts, I think that any Demon would learn these very quickly. As Angels they'd be aware of their need for essence, even if they're replenished continually by their infrastructure. The idea of Aether should come pretty naturally after that. Pacts would make an intuitive sense to some Demons - wheels in particular. Pacts are more or less just a re-direction of resources, something that many, many Angels do day-in, day-out as it is.

      So ultimately, I'd say that your average Demon (esp. player Demons) would be somewhat informed even if they don't understand the nuance. They're in over their head, but they know a few things that will keep them alive.