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Does going loud offer extra Demonic form?

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  • Does going loud offer extra Demonic form?

    Your Demonic form increases with your primum, and Going loud says it gives all the benefits of the increased primum, but gaining extra physical pieces doesn't really make sense.

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    I've always imagined that Loud form looks even more impressive than the regular one, but not sure about that in gameplay terms.


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      Considering you'd also need to add the high Primum incurable permanent glitches, I don't imagine so.

      For most purposes things that give you "permanent" changes are set vs your "permanent" attribute/ability ratings, not any temporary ones (unless the text specifically says so like rolling for a glitch with Going Loud)
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        Not really. The new forms from high Primum represent an evolution of the demon over time as they grow up and further define their own self-awareness. Its not really thematic for you to have brief splurges of evolution that die out after a scene - there's no growing up here, just a brief moment of clarity that fades.


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          I let my players have additional forms as appropriate when going loud if they wanted them. A couple of extra abilities aren't exactly deal breakers when they're already throwing around an extra 7-9 dice of Primum on exploits.