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Setting: The Veil And The Bastions (AKA Demon meets Eclipse Phase)

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  • Setting: The Veil And The Bastions (AKA Demon meets Eclipse Phase)

    Here's an idea for a setting expansion/hook: the Machine uses a network of satellites in orbit around the earth to create a curtain that causes any sensors to read a false image of the cosmos. This hides the fact that it has factories and holdings all over the solar system.

    Each planet as well as many asteroids and space stations has some sort of Machine presence. At least one is a sunless city inside an asteroid ruled by Machine-worshipping vampires. Several of these have entire communities, which the Machine has varying degrees of control over.

    The Machine devotes a large amount of resources to keeping them secret from earth, and preventing anything from traveling to or from them except when it wants something to move. Of course, this just means that those in the know will pay exorbitant prices to break through the orbital blockade.

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    Returning to this, because it means you can essentially recreate the setting of BLAME! in ChroD. I love the idea that there's a vast, dimension-warping warren, incredibly dangerous of knotted Infrastructure that not even the Machine has full control over, inhabited by scattered tribes and towns of clones, abducted humans, and unfortunate people who have ended up there over the years. The Cyberdungeon, as the Unchained call it, even has backdoors to universe shards and time splinters.