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    Hi, I did a quick search but didn't find anything about this, so I apologize if this has been discussed already. I am gearing up to run a Demon game and one of the players would like to start with an exploited gadget. He is playing a destroyer, and would like a flaming sword. My main concern is how does one "pay" for it? I suppose you could levy the willpower dot cost, essentially making it 1 experience. Unlike in previous White Wolf games, like Adventure, there were backgrounds for such a thing. While reading the new mage, I noticed that they have similar merits, so I was thinking about using that as a template. What do you guys think? What are your house rules for this? Are there rules for this and I just missed it? Second concern is the gadget itself. He wants Hellfire installed on a sword. I know hellfire as written only works on guns; is there a reason (game balance) that it's not written for melee weapons? Is there a good alternative? I would greatly appreciate your input. Such a sword would probably be dangerous to use very often, given possible detection and involvement of angels. Tertiary question that just popped into my head: I know exploited gadgets don't cause compromise to use, but would wielding one be considered "out of character" for most covers? "Oh there's Jim, the garbage man, using a flaming, mechanical sword. That's normal."

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    I think Hellfire is written for Firearms to reinforce that Demon is meant to be a very modern, 21st century setting where most characters are more comfortable with pistols than rapiers. I don't see any reason why you couldn't use it to make an Exploited sword that does agg damage.

    I would say that being seen wielding a flaming sword, especially in combat, is "out of character" for most Covers. There's precedent for that kind of thing when the game gives you a 4th Specialty that's explicitly intended to be surprising and raise questions if someone sees you use it.

    I would let players start with a Gadget for 1 Experience or 1 Merit dot. Just slightly cheaper than buying the Exploit/Embed themselves. I probably wouldn't let them start the first session with a Lambda Gadget, but if I did, maybe 2 Experiences/Merits?

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      Hellfire can become a flaming sword being gadgets can be a bit different from what they originally were. Anyway Its an exploited gadget so I would make you do a comprise roll and pay for it with merit dots maybe


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        If I might suggest a less dramatic option?

        Combustion is an Embed which allows objects to burn easier. Strictly speaking, a sword Embedded with Combustion could ignite either itself or whatever it strikes, and is thus a "flaming sword". Less Sexy than Aggravated Damage, but as an Embedded Gadget, it is far lower profile.

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          You could just describe the Blade demonic form power as being made of fire from the beginning and that's what it's lethal damage reflects, iirc that power has "Summoning your old angelic sword" as one of it's descriptions.

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