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    Originally posted by wyrdhamster View Post
    Hermit, so 2 Conditions - one of your original idea, related to death source, and second that let you heal at half time.

    New Condition: Fresh Bargain
    You have just made a Bargain with a geist, becoming Bound to it. Being newly resurrected has its perks. You are alive, for one, and all your healing times are halved. Any Persistent Conditions related to bodily damage are resolved without Beats. On the other hand, the shock of death requires some adjustment time to recover from. You lose all Willpower points upon acquiring this Condition, which can be normally recovered.
    Resolution: The Bound is restored to full physical and mental health, and afterwards spends Experience on any Bound-specific trait, ability or Merit.

    New Condition: Deathmark
    You have just been initiated into the Thresholds of death that the dead abide by, and the Horsemen have marked you as their own. This Condition is acquired automatically when the Fresh Bargain Condition is imposed. You suffer different penalties depending on your Threshold, as the shadow of death lingers still above you.
    The Forgotten have been blindsided by death and are still dazed by it, suffering a -2 penalty to Wits and Dexterity.
    The Prey know that the dangers of the wild still lurk outside, suffering a -2 penalty to Stamina and Composure.
    The Torn had their muscles and bones ripped apart violenty, suffering a -2 penalty to Strength and Stamina.
    The Stricken were robbed of their finer faculties due to wasting, suffering a -2 penalty to Dexterity and Stamina.
    The Silent wallow still in the dark depths, suffering a -2 penalty to Resolve and Presence.
    Resolution: Automatically resolved together with the Fresh Bargain Condition.

    Changed the first one's effects a bit.

    MtAw Homebrew: Even more Legacies, updated to 2E