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Sin-Eaters and Kindred and Blood Bonds, Oh My

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    That is a delightful change that I didn't notice in my skim through. Blood bonds were amazingly OP in oWoD


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      Make no mistake, a blood bond is still powerful in the right hands and in the right circumstances... it's just not going to override something like a ban, which is hard-wired into the ephemeral being's nature in the same way that eating or breathing is in a mundane mortal. It's the difference between "I appreciate/like/adore this being and pleasing them sounds like a good idea" and "I literally cannot do this thing" or "I must do this thing".

      Have a bit of a bad habit of extensively editing posts after, well, posting them. Bear with me...


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        21C hermit:
        For the topic itself: I'd have the vampires find themselves universally Open to ghosts due to the Plasm surging inside them.
        My own take is parallel to Requiem 1st's take on werewolf blood: the vampire gets twice the vitae they normally would, in exchange for a penalty to Rotschreck (they've just drunk a huge dose of death, and vampires fear death like nothing else); also because Geist explicitly describes (or described in 1st Ed) a sineater's blood as containing of some of their plasm, I also rule that each health level a sineater loses to a vampire feeding costs them 1 plasm.