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Rage Passion, how does it work?

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  • Rage Passion, how does it work?

    First post here, made an account 'cause I feel I could use some advice with this.

    So, this cropped up during one of my recent games where one of my players used the Rage manifestation with the Passion key to make an attack and uncontested intimidation.
    Problem is that I'm not entirely sure how that works out. An uncontested intimidation, so any character that isn't outright immune to this kind of thing can just be threatened into doing whatever? I feel I must be misinterpreting what you can do with intimidation, but I always thought intimidation could be used to force others into doing things out of fear of a beating or something?

    tl;dr: What can you use an uncontested intimidation check to do and is this as broken as it seems to me?

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    I think you're misreading something. None of the powers in the Passion Rage says anything about allowing an uncontested Intimidation roll. The Passion Rage adds Intimidation to your Rage dice pool, is that what you're thinking of?

    Travis Stout
    Geist 2e Developer


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      The passion rage 2 says you can spend an extra plasm when activating it to use the intimidation skill against the target as an uncontested action.
      EDIT: Are we looking at different books here? Has there been an errata or update to Geist since I bought the book? I bought mine back in the summer of 2012...
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        I just bought my book from RPG Drivethru a few weeks ago and this is what my book says.

        Passion Rage ••: The Sin-Eater can intimidate her foes by combining her own image with her victim’s fears. Spending an extra plasm when activating the Passion Rage allows the Sin-Eater to use the Intimidation Skill against that person as an uncontested action.


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          Alright, that's the same as I got. And I'm not sure what the limits of that is, because being able to scare anyone into doing things seems really powerful, at least compared to what I'd expect from a 2-dot manifestation...


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            Well, Geist Manifestations are notably powerful.

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              Huh. Looks like I was looking at the 1.0 pdf, not the 1.1 version. Which is weird, because I downloaded it from DTRPG just a few weeks ago. But you're right, when I re-downloaded I saw the same thing you do.

              Anyways, yeah, that's pretty powerful. If you're finding it to be a problem in your game, remember that intimidation isn't mind control. You can convince people to momentarily cave in due to your threats, but unless you have some kind of long-term leverage on them you can bet that as soon as they're gone, they'll do whatever they can to undermine you. There's also always the possibility that some people won't do certain things no matter how much you threaten them.

              But yeah, that power won't be making a return appearance in 2nd Edition.

              Travis Stout
              Geist 2e Developer


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                I also look at it like this, to much intimidation leads to fear and fear triggers the Fight or Flight response, and uncontested Intimidation check could very well lead to this same response.


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                  What I did to handle it was this:
                  A dude (one of the antagonists of the chronicle) was behind a locked glass door. The player intimidated him while shouting "OPEN THE DOOR!", so I figured, yeah, he's scared enough of you to open it and fight for his life, at least until he can flee in panic.
                  So basically, I'll just handle it as, yes, you can intimidate someone to do things, but depending on exactly what you demand, it might be more or less feasible and they might panic.


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                    Sounds like the Fight or Flight so you handled it as I would have.