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  • Need help with upcoming game

    So my game will consist of two death mages, two changelings both darklings one with Contracts of Shades and spirits and a human exorcist.
    They are going to be introduced to a haunted house that has a gate in it's basement. So some questions.
    The main rule book for Geist flips on if ghosts are trapped souls or just a reflection of the soul. In the sins section consuming a ghost is a breaking point. Which is it?
    What can I bring up against this death center group that would give them a run for the money? I was thinking a Kerberoi

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    In 1e it is left kinda vague on purpose, most Sin-eaters think that they are the person that died (still up in the air with soul or not) while others treat them like disposable reflections. This creates a certain kind of drama.

    In 2e Ghosts are not souls. They are some kind of reflection or after image creation of the person who (maybe) died. At death the soul disappears to who knows where. These things create a different kind of drama.

    The 1e Breaking points for Synergy are... not great. Hopefully 2e's approach to Integerity-equivalents will help fix that.

    Kereboi are confined to their Dominion. That could work if they go through the Gate and then through the underworld some. You could also stat up a nice beasty with the Horror rules in CofD.

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      In 2E ghosts are echoes that are created during certain deaths (and in a few cases even near death experiences), but regardless of how they came to be they're also people in their own way.

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        As for threats - you can go with quantity (more ghosts are going to create a problem all on their own, if only through action economy), quality (even if they are kitted out against ghosts, throwing some surprisingly powerful death god at them will still work - Werewolves are good against spirits, but few are foolish enough to take on higher Rank ones by themselves), or throw a curve-ball (the ghosts might be a mere symptom of some deeper metaphysical problem, or it isn't actual ghosts at all, but an Unchained "harvesting" operation for Ephemeral Covers).

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          thanks guys .