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    Originally posted by The Kings Raven View Post
    They'd still have their culture, that's the interesting part about them. Not their powers.

    I don't mind the concept of Manifestations, but as written they're far to powerful to work with the themes of Sin-Eater.
    Well part of their culture is dealing with ghosts and other more imposing creepies in the Underworld, which would be hard if not impossible without Manifestations. Without that they would be just a death obsessed country club. But I would be interested to how it would turn out... for a group which isn't my own.


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      Not really. Ghosts are pretty week, especially the ones still in the real world. The inhabitants of the Upper Reaches and at least the first layer of the Lower Mysteries Aren't that much more dangerous (getting lost however...). With a Sin-Eater's innate abilities and Ceremonies you'd have more than enough to do both,

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        I never had a problem challenging any players. Without their manifestations it would be like storming Normandy with fluffy pillows. :P Ceremonies don't really allow you to accomplish much of anything directly. A few little information gathering things here and there. But ultimately nothing that would help you get out of the thick of things.


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          All right, all right, getting us back on track now.

          Originally posted by That Other Guy View Post
          "Detroit Dave's journal? I heard it;s got the rules all the Kereboi have to follow."
          Originally posted by That Other Guy View Post

          "Nah, you're daft, it's a treasure map that leads you to the Halls of the Horsemen"

          "You're both wrong, it's a big-ass spellbook that lets you weave magic Death magic like no other Sin-Eater"

          "He calls it his journal, but it's just a list of names and these weird symbols"

          It'd be a glorious instant of WTF?!ery, mindscrew/f@%kery and magnificent bastardry if you had all these rumours about Detroit Dave's Journal...

          Originally posted by The Kings Raven View Post
          How about something really tacky. Like his legendary diary of every one of history's most famous/beautiful women that he slept with in the underworld in pornographic detail.
          ... only for the players to learn that the contents was this. ...Uuuuuntil the players started beating up the poor sod of an ST responsible for it, that is.

          Of course, if you're wanting to add it into your campaign as a MacGuffin, then you need to decide on what, exactly, it contains. Something that gives the players a distinct advantage, but not OP enough for it to become a default solution (perhaps by it having some sort of drawback?). I, unfortunately, have nothing.


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            Again, no necromancy.

            Do this again and you'll receive an official infraction.

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