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  • In which I homebrew Krewes


    See above! I came up with various ideas for Krewes for a game. While it feel through, I i like them enough to try putting them here. I am not an experienced homebrewer, so if they are terrible beyond all reason go ahead and tell me.

    My first Krewe- The Cemetery League! (tier one)


    Ban- obey genre tropes. The Cemetery League are real life superheroes, and try to act like it as much as possible. They don’t kill, they keep their identity secret, and so forth

    Duty- Fight crime. Simple enough, go beat up muggers and bankrobbers. The krewe hasn’t been around long enough to get a more nuanced approach

    Destiny- to set up an organisation of sin-eaters to solve problems world wide. It’ll be great. No possible problems.

    Bane- Villains are fine, but true monsters clash with the League's worldview. Creatures with no morality stat (cthonians, insatiates, hosts,etc) are worryingly hard for the superheroes to fight


    In a small town in the american Midwest, three teenagers died one evening. And each one came back, a shadowy thing in their head.

    The town was small and isolated. The twilight network didn’t reach there, and there were no existing sin-eaters to tell them what had happened to them. But in a small town, everyone knows everything. The teens figured out they were the same and met at the local spooky house to discuss their true nature. They had no knowledge of Fog Men or the Underworld or Kerberoi, so they fell back on an image that made sense.


    Back from the dead? Possessing unnatural powers? Resistant to harm? The pieces all slotted together in their head, and the shadowy things explained what had happened. They were the souls of great heroes, sent back to earth to empower the living to do good deeds. The teenagers were lucky recipients of the souls, and now had the power to accomplish what the geists couldn't in life. They were to go out and do good deeds.

    But there are only so many crimes to fight in a small town, and stopping shoplifters doesn’t exactly conjure up images of saving the world. And so, once college approached, the Cemetery League headed off to the big city. They arrived about a month age, have recruited a few more inexperienced sin-eaters, and are now aware of other people with their powers.
    The adventures of the Cemetery League have just begin

    Geists and founders

    The Cemetery League use their geists' names as their superhero name. As more members join, the geists are given a more mythic spin as archetypal heroes (the grim avenger, the shining champion, the science hero), although the Krewe isn’t old enough to have fully fleshed this out.

    The Iron Butcher (Torn- Stigmata, Stillness)- a sinister, humanoid shadow bristling with weapons, this Geist whispers to its host that she needs to be harsher, more severe, to truly stop crime. It defines the “don’t kill” rule as “don’t kill, unnecessarily”, and what counts as necessary is getting broader by the day

    The Sin-Eater bound to it is Christie Brennan, a quiet woman killed in a school prank gone wrong. Most think of her as just moody, her dark costume and more brutal style used only to scare evildoers. But in truth, her rage at her murder and the whispers of her geist are pushing her down a darker path. She hasn’t hurt anyone who didn’t deserve it, but sometime she has to hurt people more than the rest of the league would like

    Her keystone is a constantly bloodstained crucifix. Christie hides it, and keeps a nicer-looking jewel to pass off as her momento.

    The Gleaming Knight (Prey- Cold Wind, Primal)- almost a perfect superhero, all cape and spandex, if not the for the fact the suit is worn by an animated skeleton. It is big and dramatic, and cares nothing for subtlety.

    Its host, Adam Flowers, is a small, weak young man who fell to his death in a freak storm. Now he uses the Caul and Shroud to become a more powerful entity. He hopes eventually to find a way to lose his old weak human form and become The Gleaming Knight full-time. An ambition the Gleaming Knight fully supports.

    The Keystone is a still-twitching fly trapped in amber. Adam assumes it's just a standard power-item.

    The Bronze Craftsman (Forgotten- Industrial, Pyre-Flame)- a whirling mass of metal and gears in a vaguely humanoid shape, this creature delights in destruction, although it hides its goals behind talks of righteousness. It is bound to one Norah Myers. A fatal car-crash claimed her parents, bound a new soul into her, and now she works as a superhero. Always a smart one, she believes that she could use the geists power for more good than fighting muggers. She can control machinery and create energy, but the geist says that for now, she has to focus focus on small gains.

    She keeps up the crime fighting for now but, alone of the Cemetery League, she is starting to doubt the creature’s motives

    Her keystone is a smartphone. Norah pushes buttons to use her powers on it, but she doesn’t use the other functions. She’s unnerved by the messages she gets. They say things she’s sure only her parents knew.

    Current Activities
    The Cemetery League head out on designated nights to fight crime, wearing silly looking (but perfectly functional) costumes as disguises. They head to high-crime areas and fight any evil-doing they see. Mostly, they go home empty-handed, but they have stopped a number of minor crimes and at least one murder.

    As well as the core three, they have two new members- “The Beastmaster” (a torn with Primal and Passion) and The Mesmerist ( a stricken with Phantasmal and Stigmata). Their geists are a little humiliated at the pretence, but keep it up to retain these easily manipulated hosts.

    The League has mostly been ignored by the supernatural community at large- while they have beaten up a few “supervillians”, they have been minor enough creatures to avoid making a huge splash. The general public knows they exist, but thinks they’re just standard “real life superheroes”. They don’t know they actually do have powers, and the league have decided it's probably best it stays that way. The local crime community, while initially incredulous, are starting to spread the word, and if something’s not done soon those in the know may decide to take care of the problem themselves..

    Using the Cemetery League

    By default, the Cemetery League are good people but profoundly misinformed. It’s only a matter of time before their lack of supernatural knowledge, ignorance their own nature and habit of pissing off dangerous people causes a disaster. A kindly Krewe may try to inform them of the truth. A less benevolent one may find them pathetically exploitable.

    Alternately, the Cemetery League could be truly heroic- they may not know what’s going on, but they still strive to use their powers to help both the living and the dead. If corrected, they shrug, thank their educator for the metaphysics lesson, and go out to save more people anyway. They are a genuine, if goofy, point of light in a dark world. The PCs might try to protect them, or might have reason to help snuff them out.

    They may be a krewe of proto-wretched, manipulated into doing their geist’s bidding with stories of heroics. Before too long they’ll just be puppets. Norah is most likely to avoid this fate, and may figure out the twilight network enough for call for help.

    Lastly, the Cemetery League could be a rather strange group of sacrosanct. They are the heroes, and the other “supers” they see are clearly misusing their powers at best, outright villainous at best. They must be stopped. The established Krewes of the city may laugh at the spandex-clad college students crying “stop evildoer!”, but the Cemetery League are not without power. They may well be dismissed as a joke until the situation escalates beyond control, but who'll take them seriously enough to step in before that?
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