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  • Stillness Shroud Question

    So my pc has Stillness shroud at 4 dots and it says I turn invisible. But don't most similar powers work by twilight shenanigans? Does this mean that I'm invisible to only humans but twilight beings (i.e. ghosts) can still see me? Does mage sight let them see me also? Thanks in advance.

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    There are a myriad of ways to turn invisible, many of which have nothing to do with Twilight. The Stillness Shroud works by cloaking the Bound in the energies of silence, secrets, forgotten deaths, and deprivation. No one saw them when they were dying from deprivation - no one sees them now.
    The way the powers are described as they scale up, initially the shroud only hides them from other people; it dulls the senses of others to the Sin-Eater. I'ts a little bit more than just an "ignore me" field, because people can know that there's an invisible person, search for them, and still not reveal the Sin-Eater. But it's not a 'true' invisibility, since animals and technology can still see them. It's only with the 3rd dot that the power extends to technology and animals.

    I would rule that ghosts work like animals and technology for the purposes of the Shroud. They're not quite ordinary humans, so aren't affected by the initial powers of the Shroud, only by the more complete invisibility offered by the 3rd dot. There's probably some lore justification for this about how completely the Sin-Eater can wrap themselves in the energy of forgotten deaths. However I'd make this ruling because of utility. Twilight entities (to the right people) can function like guard-animals and electronic security: additional detection devices if you know to invest in them, but not something you can get on the fly. The 2-dot invisibility hides from direct observation; the 3rd dot hides from secondary / indirect observation also.
    Plus, considering how fundamental ghosts are to the setting, it doesn't really make sense for a power to not interact with them.

    As for mage sight. I can only explain the 2E rules, so I'm not sure how helpful that is to you.
    For Mage Sight, you have to determine what the source of the invisibility is - how it works. If it doesn't affect a particular field, that Arcana can still detect them. Also, Mage Sight in the field it does affect can have a Clash of Wills to reveal it. So, for example, if someone is invisible by bending light around them - that works on a purely visual field, so magic can still detect that there's Life there, a Mind, an Aura, etc. Forces Mage Sight can also Clash of Wills to bypass the light-bendy powers.

    So, the Stillness Shroud will probably take a storyteller ruling about how that power works. There's an argument to be made that the 2-dot version removes the perception of the Sin-Eater from people - which would probably make it a "Mind power". However, it could also be explained as wrapping the Sin-Eater in the energy of absence, which is a purview of the Death Arcana; also, since the 3rd dot can affect technology, it's not entirely restricted to Minds... I'd lean towards it being the purview of Death, personally.
    If it's Death-purview power, by being wrapped in "absence", this would probably mean that most Mage Sights wouldn't detect it (as direct observation is fooled by symbols reading that "nothing is there"), but many spells would - such as those to detect life, see in infrared spectrum, auras, detecting ghosts (their geist), animal sense, etc. Using Death Mage Sight would allow a Clash of Wills to pierce the veil.

    I don't think we have any RAW explanations or comments by the developers, but this is my understanding based on discussions I've read on the Keys and Mage Sight over the years. I hope it helps somehow!

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      Wow! That makes perfect sense! Thank you so much for your eloquent and thorough reply and please forgive my taking so long to get back to you!

      Thanks again and happy gaming!