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  • Movie Inspirations for Geist Chronicles

    So I am a HUGE Netflix binge watcher. I try to find inspiration in movies, plays, books,etc. for all game lines I run (specially Geist). So I was watched a movie called Abattoir and although not the best movie, the ideas behind it and the general plot was great enough to spark many ideas for a new chronicle of mine. So what movies (no matter what kind) have sparked some good ideas for Geist?

    Recent movies that have inspired my Chronicles (and WILL inspire my future Chronicles):

    1. Abattoir
    2. Destiny (silent film about death)
    3. I am the Pretty Thing in the House
    4. Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe (The visions of the tribe at the archeological dig was insanely similar to how I picture certain areas of the Underworld)
    5. The Veil
    6. The Babadook (I crafted a Geist after this creature)
    7. Darling
    8. Day Watch and Night Watch (specifically 'the gloom' is what I picture twilight to be like).

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    Babbadock is a great idea for a geist, did you write anything about him down?

    The movie "What Lies Beneath" and "Shutter"are good stories about ghosts out for revenge.
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      Ah yes, I did write some info down, in fact I can post it later this evening if you'd like.


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        I can point towards the five movies listed at page 11 in the book as inspiration:
        The Sixth Sense
        Thir13en Ghosts
        Final Destination

        Bloodline: The Stygians
        Ordo Dracul Mystery: Coil of Smoke


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          I actually saw a movie fairly recently that struck me as being very Geist, though it was on Amazon Prime, possibly on the Shudder Channel. It was called We Go On.

          Have to agree with your description of Abbatoir. The movie fell flat, but the ideas behind it were pretty cool.


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            I actually remember Flatliners when it first came out...makes me feel old, but yeah i love the tagline to that movie "It's a good day to die". I will have to check out We Go On. I thought Odd Thomas was interesting as well specially the way he could see the other creatures and such that 'normal' people could not.
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              There's Truly Madly Deeply.

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                How has nobody mentioned The Crow


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                  For me, the best "Geist" movie has always been The Frighteners.

                  Protagonist that gains the ability to interact with ghosts after a close-death experience? Check.

                  Ghosts that cling to the mortal realm because of their connection to the living world but can be forced to leave by sheer force? Check

                  Using your powers over ghosts for personal gain because you might as well do it? Check

                  The ability to spot Death Marks? Check

                  I could keep going, but really, check that movie. It's also a good one, and the Dark Eras chapter about Geist suggests it as well
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                    sweet! Thank you for the heads up. And yes, I'm shocked I didn't even think the Crow (and ashamed now...). I just watched 'The Haunter' this weekend too which was pretty interesting. I did rewatch 'I am the pretty thing that lives in the House' and have to say it is really good. Its very slow but there are some quotes that are truly awesome for any character and any situation.


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                      I'd be tempted to say maybe Odd Thomas


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                        Yeah I think Odd Thomas was pretty cool too, specially how he can see the creatures but no one else can. The way they swoop around the living and act as if they are sniffing them as lunch


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                          The music video for "Remember We Die" by Gemni Syndrome is pretty good too while it isn't a 1 for 1 match to Geist it does show what it might be like to be touched by death.


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                            Danny Phantom

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                              I'd recommend Paranorman, myself.