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Query- what if a sin-eater doesn't know how they died?

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  • Query- what if a sin-eater doesn't know how they died?

    Pretty much what it says- if I don't know how i died (in my sleep, say), does that affect my threshold?

    More to the point, what if I'm wrong about my cause of death? If I die in a car accident and think one of my enemies sabotaged the car, not knowing it actually was just an accident, do I come back as a torn or a forgotten?

    (if the former, then what happens if I learn the truth?)

    (if the latter, there can be interesting cases where someone only finds out they were murdered by being made into one of the torn, which I quite like as a character idea)

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    Inanimate objects can have Thresholds and the metaphysical tagging system they comprise is more concerned with broad strokes and thematic key notes than hard lines like "murder is the domain of the Torn."

    You come back as one of the Torn if your character is the sort of character that would come back as one of the Torn or if you intend to explore the headspace of how a character whose last moments defined their new existence by passion, violence, and/or bloodshed grows into the narrative niche of such a character on the relatively minor basis of having enemies and experiencing morbid reality through the lens of the Red Horseman.

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      So, basically, it's a lot more based on the bound's state of mind at the time then any concrete facts? Ok, fair enough, thanks!


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        In the case of a car accident, you will have died by a heavy impact, exacerbated by metal and glass shearing into your body. That's enough violent trauma to justify being a Torn. (It having come up, I do find myself hoping that will be made more explicit for the Thresholds - making Torn "sudden trauma" rather than "violence," or Stricken "creeping trauma," to go with "deptivation" and "chance" for Silent and Forgotten - though it also makes me hope they'd ditch Prey, or find another fifth option, because Prey seems like an odd one out).