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  • How to stat ghost

    This might be the single dumbest question I've needed to ask on a forum in awhile.

    However, after having gone through the books a couple of times I still haven't been able to find any answer to this.

    So, older ghosts does get more powerful... supposedly? How do you stat/simulate that?

    Do you give them an amount of Xp per fifty years? Are there any guidelines for how ghosts develop? How powerful they become, how many Numina they should be having?

    Do they buy their stats like "normal" characters?

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    It'll show up in Geist 2E whenever that book comes out. Ghosts can o ly improve while in the Underworld and only Geist really deals with the Underworld.
    But if you want something you can use until Geist comes out you could use the rules for improving spirits in The Pack, a book for Werewolf 2E. It's basically a list of XP costs. Just keep within the limits set by Rank.

    Bloodline: The Stygians
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    Mage The Awakening: Spell Quick Reference (single page and landscape for computer screens)


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      1E didn't really have guidelines for statting ghosts anywhere- but I saw some great efforts on the forums to make an "intensity scale" (much like rank) from the published ghosts.

      The 2E rank chart still should be decent guidelines for dots and numina: rank 1 ghosts are caught in a lopp, rank 2 ghosts are freely acting people, rank 3+ are warping nto slightly inhuman monsters (most classic ghost villains would be 3+). Just remember to add 1 additional numina per rank for their manifestation powers.

      If you wanted some kind of exp chart, the mage suppliment Grimoire of Grimoires had an exp table for ephemeral familiars which could apply (pg 89, I want to say...) For more pc-like options, Mummy the Curse had an excellent section of numina for playable ghosts ("The Lucid Dead")
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        Oh, thanks for the excellent answers!

        I'll check out both Grimoire, The Pack and Mummy! Only glad I have a use for all the books I buy^^