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  • Geist - Return of Mr. Monster

    SO I am running this Quickstart during Roll20 Con 2017. I have run it numerous times before to get people into Geist itself and they seemed to enjoy it. That said, I have altered the sheets to use the new Defense rules and also any weaponry to use the information from Chronicles of Darkness rules. Anything else I should be focused on changing to adapt to the new rules? There is a car chase scene that I will be using the new chase rules as well and also investigations are using the new rules. I just want to make sure if I should change anything with the manifestation included for each pregen to an updated 1.5 hack or leave these?

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    Me, I made a slow and painful translation of all the Chronicles of Darkness core book Conditions to Spanish (my first language), and then I pasted them each on individual handouts, whithin a subfolder called "Conditions". I tried using the card deck for that before, but the cards turned out too small to read from the deck spread, so I ditched it and went for handouts instead.