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    When is a sin-eater not a sin eater? When it eats it's geist.

    Charlie Marshal was a medium from the day his mother died at six. he spoke with ghosts and interacted with the dead. People who met him described him as 'off' and 'out of touch'. something other mediums and those who would become bound know all to well. He was a little different though, he always felt a cold emptiness inside him. One day he was shot by a stray bullet from a convenience store holdup gone gone wrong. there he was visited by a geist and made a pact, but rather than merge with it when the geist came to him his lifeless body leapt up and devoured it, ripping it's ectoplasm apart with his bare teeth as the geist lay immobile, unable to escape it's own pact. Charles sat up feeling whole for the first time in his life and brimming with deathly power.

    Charlie is an abmortal foe for a krewe who seems like a sin eater at first. He'll even pretend to have a geist. It should become apparent something is wrong when he immediately devours a ghost when he needs to regain plasm. In reality he is a geist hunter and hoping to worm his way into the krewe so he can get members alone so he can kill them and feast on their geists. He has the manifestations and keys of a sin eater and each time he devours one he gains the key of their touchstone and adds 1 to a manifestation dot. He has currently devoured 7 geists,