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Can a group of people come back as Sin-Eaters simultaneously?

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    Originally posted by EndlessKng View Post
    Thank you!

    ...which idea? Just curious cause I set out two or three...
    The car accident, make three distinct PCs who happen to be friends from the start, and then have them go through this, super interesting way to start a campaign


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      I played a campaign once in which we were kept in the dark about the chosen splat. We all started as mortals, and were pretty upset when the ST killed us all in the same place - until he brought us to another room one at a time to roleplay the bargain. It was my first geist story.

      Anyway, though we all died from a violent killing blow, we didnt all manifest the same threshold. My character was shot and bled out on the basement floor, but he was already dying of a sickness (that my character had unknowingly contracted during roleplay, and was taking increasingly larger -modifiers for). So he became stricken.

      Be creative and you can iron out those kinds of issues pretty easily.


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        In the second edition I think characters can die in the same event and yet come back as Sin-eaters with different splats, since in the second edition the Sin-eaters' powers are forged by characters' regrets and no longer the cause of their demise.
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