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  • A question of Thresholds

    I've recently come around to creating a Sin-Eater for a potential Chronicle and I have a question as to what Threshold my character would end up as: Prior to his death, he was a well-paid Private Eye who happened to take on a bizarre case involving a man who was reported by his wife to have seemingly not recognised her whatsoever. Anyways, to cut a long story short, the thing was a skin-stealing horror that promptly snaps my Sin-Eater-To-Be's neck, his last thoughts being surprise as at the sight of the monster before him. Question is, would he be Torn, due to his cause of death being a swiftly-snapped neck, or would he be one of the Forgotten by virtue of his misfortune of his stumbling upon such a creature?

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    If his last thoughts were of the surprise, then I would go with Forgotten (but take one of the Keys from Torn).


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      The surprise of coming face to face with something that seemingly doesn't exist could lead to Forgotten. If you want one of those two Thresholds in particular, I'd go with that one.

      On the other hand, it also sounds like it could lead to Prey. In the rulebook's words: "Their deaths open the Prey to a more primal and (they would say) more true view of the world, where man is the hunted and death is the apex predator." Finding out your death came at the hand of a monster that's not only powerful but insidious enough to hide its presence could very well count for that. Your detective was certainly exposed to some truths about the world that were hidden before, and while thinking he was the hunter, he became actual prey.