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The Odds of a Geist: The Sin Eater Kickstarter happening looks good

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    Originally posted by ffanxii4ever View Post

    Well, I mean they did rewrite the entire base system partway through and heavily revise/rewrite some of the pantheons based on the community reaction; it's not like it hasn't been being worked on.

    I do agree that the stretch goals for Scion were more enjoyable than the Changeling ones, especially since a bunch of them were adding 1E pdfs less than a year after there was a giant Bundle of Holding with all of the Changeling 1E pdfs in it; I can't be the only one who got the Bundle and then during the Kickstarter went, "huh. Oh well."

    That said, if they do a Geist Kickstarter, that won't be much of a concern as was there even any side books for Geist? I know there was stuff in a blue book, but I think that was it, right?
    Those Arcadian Bundle stretch goals weren't really the actual goal, they we're subsets of larger goals with a small bonus to keep it interesting. Like like the Steed Section for Kith and Kin was really broken in 2 parts, the main part and Dancers at Dusk, and the Sword Kith Section was broken up into the main stretch goal, Goblin Market, and Victorian Lost.

    This means I think Kith and Kin generated about $48,000 in direct and indirect stretch goals for example.


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      Fair enough, but there were times when the only visible stretch goals were more 1E pdfs and no mention of the next section of Kith and Kin, so at the time, it really didn't look or feel like that. In any case, I am happy with the Changeling Kickstarter, it was more that the Arcadian Memories bundle was so heavily pushed only a few months after they had a Bundle of Holding for the same thing. any case... Geist - I do really hope that the success of the Changeling Kickstarter convinced OPP to do a Kickstarter for Geist (and the other CoD lines). I know that they are a lot of work, and the devs & OPP get a lot of flak for stuff, but I really enjoy them and think they help get the word out and get the excitement started, especially if it is with a nearly-finished product like Changeling's was.


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        I think more than the extremely high level of success CtL had in terms of numbers, the promising feature of that campaign was James Bell. This was the first OPP campaign with their new dedicated crowdfunding manager instead of Rich handling that with a mix of other people. Following the comments and updates, I think it's pretty obvious that having James around helped a lot.

        Even if it gets a bit businessy, keeping James busy (and you know, justify paying him) means doing more Kickstarters, and if having a dedicated person doing them makes them more successful, then the result? More books need to go into the Kickstarter route.

        I'm not sure it directly indicates for Geist, but it does bode well for Onyx Path getting back into getting CofD books in the roster for future ones.


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          Yeah, James and Rose did the Kickstarter for Cavaliers of Mars as well and was very attentive to detail and constant updates. I agree that having someone like James focusing on Kickstarters is a good thing as it's a fulltime job in of itself. Now that said, I have nothing to really compare to in the past as the Cavaliers of Mars Kickstarter and Changeling the Lost 2nd Edition are the only two kickstarters I have been part of...ever. Definitely looking forward to getting a Geist Kickstarter as this game is probably one of my favorites...overall.

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            Agreed. I wish James had been around for DE2's Kickstarter too.

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