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Do sin-eaters usually go back to their families?

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    Originally posted by Morangias View Post
    They make D&D spellcasters look low key.
    Well, some of the Manifestations. The Curse can be pretty subtle.


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      I think that trying to convince others of your Sin-Eater-ness would require more than flashy powers. Remember that by and large, mortals in Chronicles of Darkness are very willing to explain away whatever they saw as just an illusion, stage-trickery or even just as a hallucination. It's not that they can't see the supernatural effects, it's that they don't want to see it because that shatters so many conventions they think to be true and the implications therein. Integrity breaks are usually from this kind of experience.

      There's also some the fact that by exposing someone to the supernatural, you may very well be causing them a lot more harm than good. Even if your family accepts your strangeness, they don't understand it because they aren't experiencing it - heck, many Sin Eaters probably don't experience the same thing. That lack of understanding can cause a lot of problems as they either misinterpret what you can or can't do, make assumptions as to your true nature (such as thinking you as being a zombie that desires brains) or even as to their own capabilities in dealing with ghosts...or in the worst scenario, try to become like you by their own hand. There is a lot that can go wrong by unveiling yourself and your Geist to your family.


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        Originally posted by Magicballz View Post

        SIn Eater powers are flashy? Like how flashy?
        Most were not flashy at all until higher levels. They were invisible to most people


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          Since I run mostly crossovers, we've made the Invictus in charge of the ENTIRE masquerade. It helps since vampires are generally considered to be parasites by the rest of the splats.

          Baring that, no one usually knows the geist died. the heart rate monitor flatlined for half a second, or some such things. Explaining away surviving some pretty horrific injuries is a challege if they want to keep it a secret. So staying with their families, or even returning back to them shouldn't be uncommon. Telling them and making them believe might even happen as well, but consider the risks involved. You are now a monster, thus you put your family at risk since the little pile of seaweed brought you back to life might just take the reigns if your synergy is low enough, AND with these new mechanics, he might just throw a fit. Oh wait, you are now a monster, and hunters are out to put you down, so telling your family or not covering up your miraculus recovery enough might get you with an iron spear to the heart. And if they don't know how to perma kill you, some random person nearby dies when you come back, like your family. Oh wait, aren't you being possessed by a ghost? Won't some Storm Wolves think you are a Claimed and try to do what the hunters did, except better and with more collateral damage?

          It ends up being that the more the geist learns about the new world they were thrust into, the less they would want to return to their family. So initially, yes. After some time, its probably best to keep a lid on it and a safe distance from them.