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    Originally posted by ajf115 View Post
    It's not really a proper Geist, but I'm trying to work out how to make a Geist created from the sailors left in the Atlantic after the Bismarck's sinking under the new 'drink from the Rivers' system, preferably with some elements of the Geist being at once the crew and the ship.
    could you maybe make the first the captain? One who feels guilty over the death of his whole crew. And being so intimately aware of each of their lives; if say the captain thought of them all as family. The geist would be so ridden with guilt that it identifies more as the crew as a whole instead of an individual. The sin eater would then have to unravel the geists true identity and help resolve his guilt.


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      Originally posted by MrOwl View Post
      could you maybe make the first the captain? One who feels guilty over the death of his whole crew. And being so intimately aware of each of their lives; if say the captain thought of them all as family. The geist would be so ridden with guilt that it identifies more as the crew as a whole instead of an individual. The sin eater would then have to unravel the geists true identity and help resolve his guilt.
      Also, does such an underwater mass grave count as a Graveyard? And thus, give rise to a Geist?

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        Originally posted by MrOwl View Post
        could you maybe make the first the captain? One who feels guilty over the death of his whole crew. And being so intimately aware of each of their lives; if say the captain thought of them all as family. The geist would be so ridden with guilt that it identifies more as the crew as a whole instead of an individual. The sin eater would then have to unravel the geists true identity and help resolve his guilt.
        Oooh, for a twist the Geist could have once been the captain of one the British ships that were forced to abandon the Bismarck's crew due to lack of fuel.


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          Originally posted by Vent0 View Post

          Also, does such an underwater mass grave count as a Graveyard? And thus, give rise to a Geist?
          I thought I read somewhere. That there are more bodies in the earths oceans than on the land itself.
          And if you consider that a gate opens up at the site of any large scale death. A ship full of people I would think would create an underworld gate. But that doesn’t answer the question.
          A geist is created in two ways. The first person to die at a site of mass death. Or the common route of drinking from a river. And I would say that our forlorn captain would get access to a river one way or another.

          That’s an idea ajf115. I think some of the best fun we can have with geists is that we can take a classic ghost and warp it to the post where it’s no longer “a traditonal ghost”. Songs think your Geist that embodies so many dead is not only possible, it’s explainable, and has the potential to be really interesting. Maybe it’s bane is a piece of any shipwreck from a certain era.
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            Originally posted by Mad_Maudlin View Post
            Taking the Geist creation rules from the KS preview for a quick spin...

            Private Doughboy
            This Geist's Corpus appears covered with enormous yellow blisters that continually burst and re-form. His face resembles a deformed gas mask. He represents death by chemical weapons, simultaneously intimately torturous and industrially impersonal.

            Key: Disease.

            Remembrance. The Private remembers the sound of shells and the screaming of horses, heat and sweat, and the weight of a rifle in his hands. His Bound could try to narrow down the date and location of this battle, based on the time of year and the type of rifle.

            Remembrance Skill: Firearms

            Attributes: Power ●●●●, Finesse ●●●●●, Resistance ●●●●● ●

            Virtue: Dutiful
            Vice: Naive

            Crisis Point Trigger: Helplessness

            Ban: Cannot use Haunts on targets wearing/marked with a yellow cross.
            Bane: Rosaries

            Touchstone: A vintage record of the song "Roses of Picardy."
            I need to take a look at this preview edition, so I can add some things to Two-Guns lol


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              Here's someone from the Bound thread:

              Provider for the Kin

              You're not sure if he's a predator or a caveman. Both, likely, because it's unlikely that a caveman, especially one with this man's bony spear, has never killed before, but his lupine eyes and ropey muscles make it unclear which side of the "sentient" divide he's on; it's honestly not certain if this man is a hunter by profession or nature. But the more you see him, the calculating intellect inside those eyes, feral but not cruel the more you realize no matter what, he's still a man. Between the furs covering every inch of his skin, dark blood leaks out; what flashes of skin you see seem...crushed. Not by jaws.

              While he may or may not be a geist from before the dawn of civilization, the Provider is certainly emblematic of it; he personifies the death inflicted in the process of sustaining his family and tribe, as his title suggests. Part of it is hunting for food of course, but the Provider also personifies frontier justice and the slaying of creatures deemed threats to those he is close to. This suits his Sin-Eater fine, especially since it was the Provider's influence that convinced him the thrill he gets when seeking prey who threatens his grove isn't a bad thing, but like all geists, he can be extremely eager to pull out his spear for the most minor of aggressions.

              Key: Primeval

              Remembrance Skill: Survival

              Virtue: Fatherly
              Vice: Bloodthirsty

              Crisis Trigger Point: Helplessness

              Ban: The Provider must search the corpses of those he kills for useful acquisitions, and gift one of his spoils to anyone who asks for it in the next hour (only one per corpse, mind).

              Bane: A hunting rifle or bow with a specific Sumerian verse from the Epic of Gilgamesh etched on it, specifically one referring to how Enkidu became civilized.


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                It's been a hot minute since I've been on the forums, but the first week of classes and the Kickstarter preview inspired me to write up some more Geists!

                Sanguinary Sportsman

                ​Before you is every caricature of what a football player should be: huge, strong, quiet, and angry. Underneath his helmet are a pair of glowing embers in the darkness, framed by the blonde mullet creeping out from the front and back. Each exhale from his helm of inky darkness is a bout of smoke, hot and dry from this murder machine. He pants at all times, as if he is so massive that his own heart cannot take the stress, even in death, or perhaps merely being around the living aggravates this spirit into huffing and puffing his displeasure. Despite his bullheaded aggression, the Sportsman has a particular look on his face, perhaps he still remembers what his mortal life did. Is it regret? Sorrow? Wishful thinking? No matter, he has gone back to huffing and puffing his chest. Perhaps he'll tell you something in between shouting about your form.

                Tainted by the energies of the Underworld, this Geist is one angry S.O.B. He died as he lived, running panting and pushing, on the field of his sport, and all the adrenaline came with him. He represents death in pursuit of strength, though of a different sort than other warriors of the dead. A football player at Minnesota University, he was kicked off the team for accidentally killing an opponent during the first home game of the season. That evening, the opposing team stayed in town, and broke into the locker room. It took 4 players getting brutally assaulted, but they managed to take him down. Still, his struggle was to become stronger, and in that chase he became the specter before you. Drinking from the river of Flames, he rose like a bubble from the murky depths of the Dark Below. The Sportsman gives his secrets to his Bound, who while disappointed he has to pump iron to keep his Synergy up, enjoys the powerful feeling his Geist affords him. Hopefully he doesn't inherit his Geist's hair trigger temper in the process.

                Key: Stigmatic

                Remembrance: The shouting of the crowd around him, the loud whistle of referees signaling pause, spotlights shining down on fake turf. There's a coppery taste in your mouth, and before everything goes black, you see several matching figures follow you in alleyways.

                Remembrance Skill: Athletics

                Virtue: Instructor
                Vice: Belligerent

                Trigger Point: Regret

                Ban: The Sportsman respects the game, and his fellow players. If he fights someone one on one, he must offer them a cigarette as an offering between warriors, before during or after the fight.

                Bane: An autographed football helmet with the Minnesota team logo on it.

                Touchstone: A battered cassette tape with "Moby Dick // Led Zep." written hastily in Sharpie.

                The Black Morpho

                It's back. Every time I'm near a window, I see the plane crash again. I've never been in a plane, but every flashback is more and more real. And as the plane plummets and the sound of screeching metal becomes an unbearable cacophony, I'm back in my seat, and she's there. Wings outstretched and her pale flesh standing out against a sea of blacks and blues, swirling like smoke in her wings' ethereal pattern. Strips of fabric cling to her flesh and float atop nonexistent breezes, while the same disappointed look remains unchanging on her face. She parts her lips and you hear the deep words groan out, like a massive old wooden door swinging open. The words don't mean anything, and that somehow makes it worse. She softly floats above the crowd, and points her intangible finger at the tree outside as she fades from view.

                The Black Morpho is an old ghost, but a new Geist. In the 60's, she and her husband were flying with their toddler to Paris, a well earned vacation after her husband's promotion. The plane had some.... difficulties, and soon the report was published, no survivors and a twisted hunk of metal in the middle of nowhere. After wandering the airport that she departed from for years, a Krewe came along and sent her Below, where they thought she belonged. Now that she's had a taste of the River Styx, she's flown the coop and gone to the University she met her lover at all those years ago. And when an impetuous young Literature student tried to bleed herself out in the tub and had second thoughts, The Black Morpho was there, embracing her new ward in lifeless arms and ethereal wings. Now she is the shadowy figure in the corner of her eyes, the cold breeze along her palm as the Geist holds her hand and reminds her that she is hers.

                Key: Still-Wind

                Remembrance: A sinking feeling in your stomach as you smell smoke and gasp for air. All the oxygen in the room is sucked through an opening and gravity drags you down to meet the earth's grasp. As someone grips your hand tightly, you feel it go limp, and the sunken feeling in your heart is only seconded by the cessation of thought.

                Remembrance Skill: Empathy

                Virtue: Kind
                Vice: Clingy

                Trigger Point: Heartbreak

                Ban: The Black Morpho cannot harm anyone wearing a wedding ring. It must be removed before she can willfully cause harm.

                Bane: A piece of glass from an old plane's window, big enough to use as a knife.

                Touchstone: Her biggest suitcase from her luggage set; it's a massive pink suitcase with a butterfly pendant attached to the zipper. Because the bagging crew forgot to pack it, it's the only thing in her life that survived the passage of time. It sits in a storage unit tucked away, and none of the airport employees can stand to touch the thing, much less throw it out.


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                  Just re-read the Devil Cat, and wondered what it would take for a Castoff to access Rank 3 and become a geist. Still WIP

                  The Outremer
                  The room turned blue. The windows now looked like they were made out of azure stained glass, and the air had the same tinge that Trisha liked so much as a little girl, when she opened her eyes underwater at the public pool. Still, the body of the fallen mage stuck out, red and pale as it bled its last trickle of blood.
                  She felt the lanky form of her Geist behind her, and saw its dozens of glassy arms slither underneath her own, some clutching at her back and shoulders as if to provide comfort, others stretching to present the items they held before her eyes, in the same sequence as it ever did: a cup – a bowl – a torch, burning bright with blue, shimmering fire – a scythe – a stone – a silver bell, silent and bloody. “เՇ'ร ๏кคץ.” The words fell, not so much uttered as etched upon the silence. เՇ ђค๔ Շ๏ ๒є ๔๏ภє.” “Does that make it less wrong?” she asked. The Outremer shifted slightly behind her, and she felt both tenderness and disdain in that motion. “๏Ŧ ς๏ยгรє เՇ ๔๏єรภ'Շ. ՇђคՇ'ร Շђє ฬђ๏ɭє ק๏เภՇ.

                  Once, it was a gem – a shiny, translucent, cursed little sapphire that made its ways on the throats and wrists and scepters of many a powerful mortal, causing the doom of its wearer every time… until it landed in the cold and listless hands of an Awakened – a Reaper, one whose House had just been absorbed by the dreaded order known to mages as the Tremere.

                  They made wonders, together. She used it as a Soul Jar at first, then as her dedicated item. She Imbued with magic to prevent erosion, dullness, or pretty much any form of damage. She clutched it to her heart during her Oblations and let her Sacraments spill and bleed over his increasingly brighter gem. And when it came down to the choice of her Soul Stone, the choice was trivially easy.

                  But a cursed gem is a cursed gem for everyone. When she killed her third mage, absorbing its Supernal Soul, the Consilium decided they had enough.
                  When the Guardians broke it, as they threw her in the magical jail they devised for her, whatever was left of her heart broke, and she took a terrible decision. As the Castoff of her only prized possession started to drift away towards the Upper Reaches, she drew upon the last Awakened Soul she had harnessed, clasped it, and opened a rift between this world and the next, following the stone in the Underworld. There, through a sinister mix of Fate and Death magic fueled by soul sacraments, she increased its Ranks through Indefinite Spells, bringing him on par with a mortal ghost. Reiterating the spell one more time, she made him strong to take a final draught in the Rivers of Lethe, becoming the geist known as the Outremer. She fell on the River’s bank afterwards, her consciousness snuffed by the Komaomai - but her creation escaped.

                  Key: Grave Dirt

                  Virtue: Insightful
                  Vice: Condescending

                  Traits: (Insane Resistance, slightly less Power than Finesse)

                  Remembrance Skill: Occult (?)

                  Trigger Point: Sorcery. Be it conscious of it or not, the Outremer's fear of mages is pathological. After all, a spell made him a Geist: why couldn’t a spell make him a Castoff again? Scarier still: his mistress and what would happened if she were to be unable – or unwilling – to maintain her blessing ?


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                    Zero internets to whomever gets the reference:

                    El Mariachi Indigo

                    You see the spectre of a young man. His face has been rendered near-unrecognizable by decomposition, his brown hat and indigo costume with golden threads have been frayed with age, but his (far plainer) shoes are in impeccable condition.

                    Key: Blood, strangely enough

                    Remembrance: El Mariachi Indigo remembers headaches, sharp pain and convulsions in his stomach, his friend calling for help, and regretting not being able to come home.

                    Remembrance Skill: Expression

                    Attributes: Power 5, Finesse 7, Resistance 3

                    Vice: Naive
                    Virtue: Loyal

                    Crisis Point Trigger: Betrayal

                    Ban: Must attempt to prevent harm to nearby children
                    Bane: White Arsenic

                    Touchstone: An old notation for an early-40s hit to a different melody, currently strored in the archives of the Museum of Culture in Mexico City.
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