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  • Originally posted by Octavo View Post
    We were specifically talking about Olivia Hill's contention that she hasn't gotten paid for work she turned in to OPP years ago.
    I was specifically talking about writing and publishing from a freelance perspective.

    I kinda think they're not calling Olivia Hill back to get her to do any more work on the project. Delaying payment until publication is barbaric, and now the definition of "publication" is being whittled away at to mean something other than customers being delivered the product they bought.
    The definition of publication is the same it always was. Made for public sale.

    I have to wonder: why are you taking the bosses' side? Workers getting screwed by cruel industry practices is degrading the hobby.
    Because my hobby as an evil billionaire is posting on random forums to stomp on the 99%./s

    As far as I know the 'boss' hasn't posted here. But as someone who buys OPP books, I think the idea that they are barbaric and cruel for using payment on publication is a drastic overexaggeration, just like your statement regarding people 'whittling away the definition of publication.' While I do believe writers and developers deserve more pay (I don't know about artists but it might draw more), I think business practices from small company owners are maybe a quarter of the many issue degrading the hobby.


    • When it comes to projects that have already been mostly or fully funded beforehand (as with Kickstarters) why not divide the payment over time? I get that freelancers don't get paid until after their work is done (due to the nature of that kind of employment) but if you've written something and sent it in for review and editing and it passes, shouldn't part of your assignment already be completed? Yes, there can be additional revisions later, and if doing those are part of the contract the company could gate part of the payment until the final product is ready.
      Cons for the company: They can no longer scrap someone's work and not pay them after the most substantial work is completed (something that is a horrible business practice regardless, and should be blocked in the contract).
      Pros for the company: Having part of the payment paid earlier means it's much more feasible for the writer to work on the project during working hours and not having to do it in addition to additional jobs that pay for their current needs. It means they can potentially work faster and be hired more quickly for other projects.

      That bad or unethical business practices might be standard in a business does not mean companies are exempt from criticism for those practices. Also, just because a bad practice pales in comparison to other problems in the business does not mean it should not be discussed or criticised.

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      • I believe what they do now is half on contract then half on publication. I could be wrong (and I think it's a newer thing, so Geist's writers might not be handled in it, though the Geist KS was just under a year ago) but it seems like a fairer medium for both parties considering the back and forth. While a lot of freelancing is payment on contract or submission, that tends to be more one-and-done things, writing an article for a magazine or something. Unfortunately the publishing business still has people buying work and sitting on them or buying rights and selling them off leaving writers unpublished and unknown.
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