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Where to find info on 3 of the Dead Dominions

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  • Where to find info on 3 of the Dead Dominions

    The original Book of the Dead was one of my favorite supplements, especially the descriptions of the Dead Dominions. With the kickstarter for Geist 2 up, I was looking back over it and poking around online, and on the Unofficial White Wolf Wiki I saw that there was info for 3 Dead Dominions that aren't in the Book of the Dead - An-Shot-Ka, the Burnt Swamp, and Seloi. I've tried googling them, but haven't found anything on what books they appeared in. I'd like to look them over, so any info on where I can find them would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    An-Shot-Ka and Seloi are in the original Geist: the Sin-Eaters core. The Burnt Swamp is in the Dark Eras Companion, in the Roanoke Island era.


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      Awesome - thanks!