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Pack and Krewe hybrid game

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  • Pack and Krewe hybrid game

    Well as we are getting closer to geist second ed coming out i got into a thought chain about molding a pack and krewe together. As it is mentioned in the "The Pack" book how melding a krewe and pack works from a fluff perspective, it would be significantly more doable with the rules for both packs and krewes in place . Thoughts on doing such a game?

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    You're way ahead of schedule, skippy.


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      oh am i? I mean most of the major system additions have at least been released to backers, so yeah i am not as ahead as you seem to believe.


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        I haven't finished reading The Pack book yet but damn an Itheur working with a Krewe could be cool.


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          The rules do appear to be compatible. However there are some differences; Doctrine appears to replace Aspirations, Touchstones are not replicate, nor is Virtue, Vice or Complications. The skeletal structure, that of creating quick characters is identical. One could combine them to represent a shared group easily enough.

          That said, I would not expect to see too many Pack Krewes...maybe in a game with the Lodge of Death...assuming they don't consider you fair game.

          Thoughts ripple out, birthing others